I’m always down for Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns reruns….. but I am also down for the color brown.  Many people write this color off as dirty or lackluster, when I see a chocolate brown I immediately think rich and luxurious.  Brown is my absolute frockin’ favorite color.  In my opinion it instantly creates a lavish yet cozy look in the home, around your frock, even on your kitchen table.  Here are a few browns that deserve a crown.

1. LBD (Little BROWN Dress) – How can you go wrong with a brown sweater dress?  It looks fab on all shapes and sizes.  You can rock a sweater dress in the fall with a pair of boots, and well into winter with tights or leggings.

2. Bedding – I  think a chocolate brown comforter exudes a tasteful warmth.  Who wouldn’t want to curl up into this bed and watch RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars………..or Sunday Night Football.

3. Chocolatey Nails – My personal favorite is Essie’s Little Brown Dress, with Nicole’s Hard Kourt Fashionista coming in a close second.  Nails are the most affordable accessory, dark chocolate looks elegant against all skin tones.

4. The Perfect Purse – A Leather / Leatherette purse makes any outfit look sophisticated.  The darker the color, the harder it is to tell whether you are frockin’ real leather, or an imposter!

5. Riding Boots – J’adore the equestrian look.  This look never goes out of style and riding boots add a dignified touch to any pair of jeans.  Boots are a great investment piece, yet you can also find great affordable pairs at http://www.victoriassecret.com/ and http://www.charlotterusse.com/

6. Infinity Scarf – I always have trouble making a scarf look effortless and good at the same time….. the infinity scarf is brilliant.  No matter what it always looks chic, and as I said before, brown looks good on all skin tones (If you are on the fairer side opt for a warm chocolate, if you are on the darker side opt for a nude or lighter brown, if you are a medium tone any color will look great on you).

7.  Eyeliner – I love E.L.F makeup.  This brand is great for the price, most items are $1.00.  A higher end item from E.L.F is usually around $3 – $5.  I found this gel eyeliner at Target for $3.00 http://www.target.com/p/e-l-f-cream-eyeliner-with-brush-coffee/-/A-13586787 .  I have very fair skin and black is a bit harsh for me, but I can never find a chocolate brown gel liner.  This eyeliner is an amazing texure, you can create a clean line or smokey eye.  Bonus: It also includes an eyeliner brush.

8. Candles – I prefer natural scents throughout my home.  Typically candles that are brown in color have a natural essence.  In example: wood, ceder, leaves, coffee, cocoa, even gingerbread (and the list goes on….).  I also happen to love fall and winter scents.  If you frockin’ agree then check out https://d363.scentsy.us/Scentsy/Home

9. Headbands – My ultimate style icon is Blair Waldorf (and Leighton Meester too).  She is perfect, polished, and her clothes are to die for.  I have been a headband fan since Gossip Girl premiered (and I am in a slight depression about the series ending).  A headband looks great on all hair types.  If you’re having a horrid hair day, throw on a headband.  I also find the bigger the band, the smaller you look (same goes with your actual hair).

10. Dessert – Dark chocolate strawberries are semi heatlhy…. if you only have one.  They are refreshing and decadant at the same time….. plus its my fav dessert.

11. Statement Necklace – As I have said numerous times this evening brown looks great with everything, whether it is a white dress or pink sweater.  A brown statement necklace can soften your features and make your frock look edgy.  Brown also tends to be wearable throughout all seasons.

I hope that you little frockers will be getting down wit da brown this fall and winter.

Frock On*

– S