My glam bag has finally arrived.  I had very high hopes this month (after my Birchbox disappointment).  When I opened the hot pink packaging, I was greeted with a card stating that My Glam had turned into Ipsy.  What the frock!  I don’t know about the new name, but I believe they will be starting a clothing line (very exciting).  I am unsure what to call my monthly bag now… My Ipsy?  Ipsy has arrived? My Ipsy Bag?…. whatevs, I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

The bags are always adorbs!  This little black bag seemed appropriate for the fall, and can probably be used as a clutch.  I use all of my Ipsy Bags to organize makeup.  I was VERY pleased with my bag this month!  Here is what I got:

1. SOHO Smudge Brush – I think this is a fairly good quality makeup brush, and it’s pretty.  The packaging was nice, and inside there were tips on how to apply different makeup items using the same brush.

2. Carols Daughter Split End Sealer – This was a good sample size.  This product also smells AMAZING, like summer (a bit sunblockish).  I tried the split end sealer on wet hair, and the texture was superb.  I think I’m going to buy this.

3. Circus Nail Polish (in Tightrope) – I love getting nail polish in my bag.  The circus nail polishes are full size and matte!!  I do like this color, it’s a purpley pinkish I will most def frock this….. it will werq for the fall.

4. Mairabella Eye Shadow (in Semiformal) – I really like this color, it’s a nice sunsetty bronze.  Plus it’s just the right amount of sheer.  I will def wear this…. often.

5. Jane Sparkle Gloss (in Sparkle Pink) – This bag frocked.  I loved this lip gloss too!  It had a strong tint (which would work with all skin tones), yet it was soft and sheer.  This was also a very good size.

Whether I’m getting a glam bag, or an Ipsy bag, I am a very pleased subscriber.  All of this stuff was just $10 (each bag is $10 every month), and the bag is always an added bonus.  If you want to subscribe go here.

Frock On*

– S