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Happy Mother Frockin’ Monday!  Ladies/Ladyboys, if you want to skip the manly portion of this post scroll down to the bottom, where I will be getting reckless with a necklace (on a budget!).

Men, you can be pretty good at a lot of things….. but most of the time, you are not so hot when it comes to home decor.  It’s important (especially if you would like to bring back a lady or gentleman caller) to keep your living space neat.  The things that I will be showing you today are clean, contemporary, and masculine.  Keep in mind, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home look good.  With that said, let’s get started.

Home Decor:

1. Area Rug – An area rug brings warmth to a cold space.  It can also make your living space look like you spent time on it. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns too.  I happen to be really down with animal prints….. the colors black, white, and beige are classic, and easy for a man to werq with (they match everything).  I found this area rug on www.overstock.com for about $35.

2. Coffee Table – A coffee table can help fill empty space.  It’s also functional, the table prevents crumbs and spills on your brand new area rug.  You can rest a beer, wii-mote, or even your feet on it.  This one is from IKEA for $19.99, I love this table, and find black to be a power color…. so show everyone whose boss.

3. A Neutral Throw – It can get cold inside!  You wouldn’t want your date to be chilly, so invest in a fleece throw.  Beige is neutral, so it matches with everything.  Throws also look great folded (neatly) on the back of your couch….. and you never know when you will be hosting an impromptu guest.  This throw is from Target for $14.95…. you only need the twin size, since it’s extra.

Easy Peasy Decorations:

1. Mirrors – Mirrors are a superb way to add depth to a small space.  They make a room look bigger than it is by reflecting light.  These mirrors have adhesive on the back…. so it takes two seconds to hang them.  I find they look best when scattered on a wall.  The circular shape also breaks up the boxiness of a rug and coffee table.  You can scoop these up at Target for $19.99.

2. Candle – Sometimes (or a lot of time) you are not the best cleaners, but…. if your house does not smell bad, sometimes we won’t notice.  Not all candles are girly, around this time of year you can find many that smell like pine.  I enjoy the scent of pine, it smells clean and natural.  So get some scents men…. you can find candles at Yankee Candle… and if you’re not responsible enough to be around a flame, than shove these Scentsy Paks throughout your home.

3 & 4. Conversation Piece – This is the easiest (and one of my fave) ways to decorate.  This is contemporary and masculine.  A centerpiece also shows guests that you care about the appearance of your living space.  All you need is twigs, which you can gather outside (or buy at a craft store….), and a vase (I like cylinder vases, which you can find anywhere… IKEA, the grocery store, Target…).  Put the twigs in the vase (no water needed), and sit on your coffee table, dining table, mantel, anywhere that will be noticed.

A Nice Touch:

It’s nice to have a coffee pot and at least two mugs.  You can find a coffee pot for under $20 almost anywhere.  It saves you money (lattes can get expensive), and it’s nice to be able to have a cup in the morning while you are watching TV.  Anyone that ends up sleeping over will be very appreciative too.

Must Haves:

Ok Gentlemen, you need to have all of these in your home at all times…. no excuses.

1. Swiffer Wet Mop – A three year old could use a swiffer.  It is important to keep your floors clean, you do not want your home looking like a fraternity house!  It takes two minutes to run the swiffer across the floor, and it makes your home look one hundred percent better.

2. Vacuum – No explanation needed.  Keep your carpet clean.

3. Hand Soap – Please men, keep hand soap in your bathroom at all times.  People like to wash their hands after using the bathroom, or eating… and it leaves a great first impression if you have something as little as soap in your bathroom.

So men, thanks for frockin’ me again this Monday…. and remember if you want to get frocked this weekend….. go frock yourselves.

*Lady/Ladyboys let’s get reckless with a necklace…. for less!

Peter Pan collar necklaces have been EVERYWHERE recently, and I love them.  They make a statement, and can transform a boring dress into fabulousness.  A bold collar draws attention to your face, and gives everyone what they want…… something to talk about!

1. This pan collar is from Forever 21 for $6.80

2. I found this pan collar from Etsy for $11…. and they had an amazing selection of inexpensive ones.

3. This pan collar is from Pacsun, for $12.50.  The chains are a fresh take on the collar.

So girls…. I’m not going to waste anymore time…..

Gets To Frockin*

– S