Bonjour Frock Stars!
I get down with the most important meal of the day…. on the weekends.  I also like to frock with really easy things to make (remember raw meats make me gag).  So this morning I went with a breakfast pizza.  This za (that’s what we call pizza in my humble abode) is easy to make, tastes delish, and you can feed 4 -5 people!  You can also make it a lot healthier, by making small substitutions (which I will point out along the way).  Let’s frock n roll.

You only have to follow 5 easy steps, but first preheat your ovie to 350 degrees:
1. Cover the bottom of a baking pan with your crust.  I used low fat crescent rolls, however you could use a low fat wheat pizza dough too.

2. Cheese your crust.  I used a fat free ricotta cheese, and spread it very gently across the crust.  Mozzarella is also a good choice, or you could even skip this step and enjoy your za sans cheese.

3. Apply the toppings.  I used diced green peps, red peps, banana peps, and tomatoes.  You could really use anything…. onion, shrooms, spinach, bacon, sausage, prosciutto…..  Spread the toppings evenly across the crust.  Now season that za to your liking.

4. Crack and beat five eggs.  Or you can use 1 and 1/4 cups of egg whites instead.  Fluff the frock out of them with a bit of milk.  Once they are beaten, pour them evenly over your gorge little crust.

5.  Bake your za for 30 minutos.  Then take out, cut into nice little squares, and get your munch on.

What do you little frockers want to see next weekend?  Have a Splendid Saturday.

Rock Out With Your Frock Out*

– S