It’s my fave time of the month…….. my Frocktober Glam Bag (or Glamorous Ipsy Bag) has arrived.  I was super excited this month, Ipsy always releases sneak peaks on facebook, and the actual bag looked super cute.  As soon as I see the metallic pink packaging that contains my Glam Bag, I practically run across the street so I can open it.

The bag was indeed fierce.  It was much better quality than most of my previous bags too, and I thoroughly enjoy the pop of red at the top.

Here are the delightful contents that I was greeted with:

1. Bombshell Eyeliner – J’adore this liner.  It is a chunker, so it is very easy to hold, and control.  The tip makes for the easiest application ever.  It is superb for the winged out kitty cat look.

2. Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment – OMG I am def going to buy this.  I frock with my hair so much, and it always feels dry.  After washing my hair I applied a few drops to the ends.  My hair was so frockin’ soft when I woke up in the morning.  It looked and felt healthy.

3. Mirenesse Lip Bomb Glossy Lacquer Stain – This was a really nice size and I liked the applicator.  Unfortunately I wasn’t to into the color.  I was just way to pale to be rockin the light pink stain that I received…. it would look really good on a chocolaty frocker.

4. Coastal Scents Eye Shadow, Colors: Rosy Pink, Gunmetal, Elven Silver, Light Pink) – I was pretty pleased with these shadows.  I am not a fan of pink shadows (I think they make all white people look like rats, and I happen to be a snowflake), however, these were different……  they actually looked good.  I loved the gunmetal color.  The two grays were ideal for a shimmery smokey eye.  The texture of these shadows was amaze, they didn’t crease at all, and they just glided onto your lids.

5. The Balm Body Builder Mascara – I didn’t even try this mascara, and I probably won’t. It was a good size, and the packaging was attractive….. but when I opened the scara, it looked clumpy.  I don’t get down with clumps.  I kept trying to convince other frock stars to try it…. but they all told me to do it myself.

Overall, I was EXTREMELY pleased with my bag and its contents.  All of this was only ten little dollars (each bag is $10 every month), and the eyeliner + glossy stain were full sized products.  Plus with every bag, you can practically create an entire look.  I think everyone should subscribe, so go here.

Frock On*

– S