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It’s Manly Monday!  Ladies/Ladyboys, if you want to skip the manly portion of this post go to the bottom, where I will spice up your wardrobe with patterned tights (for under $10).

Men, I like you in flannels….. and so do a lot of other people.  Flannel shirts are just as comfortable as a tee shirt, however the buttons add a polished finish.  They are warm, manly, and they look good on you.  You can also find a flannel shirt in practically any color or price (which is why you should all own them).  Make flannel your weekend go to, after all, they look amaze with dark jeans.  Here are some of my fav mannels (manly flannels), decide on the color you like best, click on the brand, and buy it.  Everyone will frock to you this weekend.  To celebrate the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars tonight, I am serving up a rainbow of flannel (get over yourselves, these are still manly):

R = Red – A red flannel is a classic, and always a safe choice.

O’Neill – Grizzly Flannel, $49.50

= Orange – Orange can be safe, if you elect a rusty shade.  It can also be daring, if you gravitate towards a bright shade.  The decision is yours!

American Eagle – Plaid Flannel Shirt, $29.99

Y = Yellow – Yellow makes a bold statement.  It is bright, noticeable, and trendy.  Choose yellow if you want to stand out.

Mossimo Supply Co – Mens Long Sleeve Flannel, $22.99

G = Green – This is another shade that swings both ways.  Green can be standard, if you go for a darker shade, and it can be bold if you pick a vibrant shade.

Quiksilver – Mens Prospect Ave Shirt, $33.18

B = Blue – You can never go wrong with blue, and it’s available in a wide variety of shades.  I personally like a turquoise, it makes your skin and eyes look good.

Quiksilver – Acid Flash Shirt, $58.00

I = Indigo – Indigo is a classic.  If you do not like to frock a lot of color, this is going to be your best option.  I actually prefer it with khakis, since it can be similar to the color of jeans.

Fox Decker – Flannel Shirt, $56.50

V = Violet – Purple is a trendy color.  Purple is for a man that wants to make a statement.  It’s also perfect to wear for Purple Friday’s….. if you are a Ravens fan!

Old Navy – Mens Slim Fit Plaid Shirt, $22.50

Ok men, get your mannel on…. and always remember if you want to get frocked this weekend, you need to frock yourself first.

*Lady/Ladyboys Sleep Tight.

I love a patterned tight.  Patterned tights can make the plainest dress super edgy.  When frocking a patterned tight, make sure that everything else you are wearing is a solid color.  I like to rock patterned tights with a simple shirtdress and a fierce shoe.  It’s a very simple way to look stylish, and posh…. not to mention, tights are inexpensive.  If you are on a budget, invest in tights, they give every outfit a completely different look.

1. My fave.  I love a floral or lace pattern.  They make your legs look like a werq of art.

Forever 21 – Floral Mesh Tights, $5.80

2. Werq that print.  Animal print is subtle on a pair of tights.  You wear the tights honey…. they don’t wear you.

Merona – Domestic Tights, $8.00

3. Dot your I’s girl.  Polka dots are chic.

Old Navy – Pin Dot Tights, $9.50

*If you want to chat with me during the premiere of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars tonight (on Logo at 9 pm)… tweet me @RockinAroundThe with the hashtag #RATFDRAG.

Frock On*

– S