This particular Birchbox of chocolates arrived looking gorge, and when I opened it…. it was like the coconut chocolate that I don’t care for.

First off, I would like to say that Birchbox has AMAZE customer service.  I actually got an email telling me that my box was involved in a mailing snafu….. but Birchbox was awarding me 100 points (the equivalent to $10… which is the same price as my Birchbox, technically making this box free).  Here’s what I got:

1. theBalm, Mary-Lou Manizer – This was very small, but the packaging was adorbs.  It was about the same size as an eye shadow square.  I actually did like the product.  This luminizer was not to heavy, and it made my skin look dewy.  It was also not to dark for my skin tone (if you recall I’m a Casper).  I did appreciate that this product could be used as highlighter, shimmer, and eye shadow.  I will prob stick to using it as a highlighter.

2. willa, Clear face Moisturizer – This was sooo cute, and the amount given was a pretty good size.  This smelled really good, kind of like Aveda shampoos.  I wasn’t so sure about a clear moisturizer at first, I thought it would be oily, but it was ok.  I would use it again, but I prefer a thicker lotion.

3. La Fresh, Eco Beauty Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover – I have actually gotten these before in my Birchbox.   They’re alright…. just not my cup of tea.  I like acetone in my nail polish remover (I think it werqs better).  I was not really that excited with these.

4. Luna Fiber, Chocolate Raspberry – This was the added bonus in my Birchbox this Frocktober.  I am kind of grossed out when I get food in my Birchbox.  I will most likely not eat this, but I do like Luna bars.

5. Naked Princess, Naked Shine Luscious Lip Gloss – This was the tiniest little lip gloss I have ever seen.  I was disappointed in the size.  It smelled pretty good though… like cupcakes.  The color was very sheer…. I feel like we should get berry colors during the fall.

This was by no means my favorite Birchbox.  However, I do like the improvements that they continue to make, such as adding tutorials.  I also really like following their blog.  They have superb customer service, and I would still recommend subscribing.   Better luck next month….

Get Your Frock On*

– S