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It’s still Manly Monday…. despite this pesky hurricane Sandy!  Ladies/Ladyboys, if you want to skip the manly portion of this post go to the bottom, where I will show you how much I pay for my envelope clutches.

Men, winter boots are a must have this year……  This winter is supposed to be cold and snowy.  Your winter boots should be comfortable, functional, AND stylish.  You can find a lot of superb boots for under $100, which is exactly what I have done for you today.  I was able to find four pairs of winter boots that any type of man is sure to love.  Remember, if you like what I’m serving, click the link and purchase!

1. Khombu, $29.10 – This pair is sleek and super warm.  J’adore the fur lining.  These would look good with any outfit.  Werq.

2. Northface, $79.99 – These are my fave boots of the bunch.  If you aren’t already aware…. I am so down with the browns (this includes the color, as well as the TV show Meet The Browns).  I absolutely love the color, these will keep you warm in temperatures as low as -25 degrees, and they don’t have laces.  I enjoy a boot with no laces, they’re a piece of cake to put on.  These boots would look effortlessly fierce with one of my ROYGBIV flannels (featured last week).

3.  L.L. Bean, $99 – A classic.  You can never go wrong with this type of boot.  Always a safe bet.  Definitely reliable.

4.  Columbia, $62.95 – I think that this pair is slightly edgy for a guy.  The silhouette is a wee bit different than most other boots.  I typically don’t love the color black, but I really like it here.  This pair is different, interesting, and ladies will probably want to frock you in them…. not to mention Columbia is a trustworthy brand.

Ok lads, these boots are made for walking…. so get some.  And don’t forget, if you want to get frocked, you need to frock yourself first.

Lady/Ladyboys How much for that clutch girl?…. Under $25 of course!

I love an envelope clutch.  I think they add a structured look to any outfit.  They can also be a superb statement piece.  The best quality of all…… they can actually hold things.  I like a regular clutch, but I don’ t love them.  Why you may wonder?…. because you can barely fit a frocking phone in them.  You can fit all your business in an envie clutch.  These three are sickening.

1.  Target, $19.99 – Python print is totes in this season, and the gold embellishment adds a touch of dressy.  The red is understated therefore it is versatile.  This is a clutch that can werq from day (with a pair of jeans), to night (with an LBD and some bling hunty).

2. Macys, $24.98 – Girlfriend loves a touch of sparkle.  This clutch is fierce honey.  It can instantly dress up a simple frock.  A pinch of glitter can werq wonders.

3. Ebags, $21 – Professional.  Sleek.  Stylish.  That is what this clutch embodies.

No tea no shade, but I really hope that mother frocking Sandy doesn’t make me lose power….. I will be devastated if I’m unable to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars tonight (so be sure to fill me in via twitter @RockinAroundThe).

Frock On*

– S