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Bonjour Frock Stars! The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means you will have all types of events to attend.  Sometimes dressing perfect can be tricky depending on the occasion.  Everything I found for you today will make a statement, in an amazing way.  So, today we are making a statement five ways.  The best thing about my finds is that nothing costs over $50, AND I made sure to find things that are flattering on ALL body types… so you can buy a frock for each party you will be gracing with your presence (and presents), whether it’s big or small.  Let’s Frock N’ Roll:

I See Your True Colors Shining Through:

1. Mango, $49.99 – This dress is divine.  The ruby red is spot on, not to severe and not to pale.  This color is perfect for the holiday season.  The dress is a bit loose, and the tie is placed at the smallest part of your figure…. making any body look amaze.  Everyone will compliment you on this dress, I promise.

2. JCP, $35 – Yes this dress is tight, but it can werq on any frame.  The vertical black line makes your hot bod appear thinner, while the horizontal black line accentuates your waist.  Cobalt was also all over the runways this season.  Go ahead girl…. frock it.

3. Target. $19.58 – I LOVE this green.  I absolutely adore a brighter green during holiday season.  Everyone else will be frocking your typical hunter and pine greens….. but not you!  This dress is simple and chic.  It has a tie (which I prefer tied in the front, to one side).  The simplicity of this dress allows you to go cray with accessories.

Bling Bling:

1. JCP, $20 – I like sequins.  Attention is automatically drawn to you when you wear them.  They can dress up any fabric, and I love mixing textures.  This shirt would look great with dark jeans, a pencil skirt, or even trousers.  You can wear it to werq, and to happy hour afterwards.

2. Charlotte Russe, $32.99 – J’adore this dress.  I actually prefer gold sequins over silver ones.  I think gold warms up all skin tones.  You look like you are the party in this dress.  Throw on a pair of black tights and black booties (no jewelry necessary), and you are good to go.

3. Amazon, $21.50 – Black sequins frockin’ rock.  The color makes them slightly unnoticeable, yet they’re still a statement.  This skirt would look totally fetch over a pair of colored tights, accompanied by a simple black shirt.

*A Friendly Reminder: Sequins can be itchy…. so a pair of tights is usually essential.

A Little Prints:

1. Macys, $49.99 – This dress is fierce honey.  It is probably best for a daytime event.  The entire dress is a pop of color.  It is a bit airy, so it werqs on all bods.  Long sleeves are superb when the temps drop.

2. The Limited, $34.99 – Girl… what did I tell you yesterday about python prints?…. yeah that’s right, they rock.  A pencil skirt is a classic silhouette, so you can go a bit wild with the print.  The silhouette makes this skirt werq appropriate, while the print also makes it sexy enough to wear out for frocktails.

3. Forever 21, $27.80 – Simple. Classic.  The print adds interest, but the color and shape keep this dress profesh.  A belt is always the cherry on top of the sundae.  Werq.

Texture + Sexy = Sexture:

1. JCP, $40 – This dress is major.  It is so frocking fierce.  It is sexy.  I LOVE the faux leather trim.  Sheer eleganza.

2. Macys, $39.99 – A faux fur vest makes a serious statement.  It’s luxe.  Even the tie is gorge.  This would be perfect with leggings and sunnies…. you’ll look like a celeb.

3. Delias, $49.50 – Yes I love leather….. but I love lace even more.  Red is a standout color.  Lace is having a serious moment right now.  The cut of this dress is so simple, yet so on trend.  Soft hair + nudie pumps would be dashing with this dress.

4. Forever 21, $17.80 – A leather pencil skirt is a closet staple hunty.  Pencil skirts look great on everyone, they are always appropriate, and leather is edgy.  Leather is also pretty badass.

I Love My Shoes… I Wanna Frock Them:

1. Charlotte Russe, $36.50 – Not all ladies and ladyboys enjoy frocking heels…. so get down with a wedge.  A wedge still lengthens your legs like a heel, but they are much easier to walk in (and more comfy too).  Animal print is always dapper.

2. Target, $14.99 – Bling is the bomb.  As stated previously, it dresses everything up…. so why the frock not?

3. Charlotte Russe, $45.50 – LOVE. Black and gold is all over the place right now, and it is for a reason.  It’s stunning.  These spikes are seriously fierce.  I am def ordering after I publish this post.

4. Old Navy, $24.94 – Just because you don’t like heels, is no excuse for sneaks (unless you’re at the gym).  You can find cute flats everywhere.  An embellishment really adds pizzazz.  Holler.

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Get Your Frock On*

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