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It’s Manly Monday!  Ladies/Ladyboys, if you want to skip the manly portion of this post go to the bottom, where I will show you how to get a black belt….. in belting frocks.

Gentlemen, the holidays are on their way.  This means that you’ll have many parties and events, which require your attendance.  It’s important not to look like a slob.  A casual blazer or sport coat can instantly dress up jeans, khakis, and cords.  You can even wear a standard tee shirt with a blazer.  Blazers are appropriate at a werq party, actual party, or any type of get together.  The ones that I found for you today are all under $100…. so do yourself a favor, and get one before the frockin’ parties start.

1. Macys, $54.99 – I really like this blazer.  This one is the most casual of the bunch.  The color of this jacket makes the corduroy appear much dressier than it is.  This is perf for a get together with friends.

2. Kohls, $79.99 – The zipper on this blazer keeps it from being too dressy, as does the gray shade.  The gray also werqs with black pants, jeans, and khakis.  A family function would be an ideal occasion to frock this jacket.

3. H&M, $79.95 – J’adore this jacket, it is my fave of them all.  I love navy jackets with khakis.  The satin detailing on the collar and pockets is fierce honey.  A restaurant would be a great place to wear this.

4. Target, $59.99 – Classic.  Standard.  Handsome.  Every man should have a jacket similar to this one.  This jacket is simple, yet dressy.  A standard black blazer should be your go to choice for anything regarding business.

Alrighty men, go blaze(r) a trail in these……  And don’t forget, if you want to get frocked this holiday season, you need to frock yourself first.

*Lady/Ladyboys Earn Your Black Belt

Belted dresses are my absolute fav look.  A loose dress belted at the waist makes any figure look stunning.  A basic tee shirt or sweater dress can be easily obtained at many budget friendly prices.  A statement belt is an inexpensive way to step your frock up.  All of these belts are under $25….. Holler!

1. Alloy, $12.90 – A necklace for your waist.  The crystals are delicate, but large enough to emphasize your waist.  This would look amaze on a brighter dress (red, purple, green).  Werq.

2. ASOS, $24.63 – As the majority of you know, I am a mega leopard fan.  The gold buckle is so chic, and the hair on this belt makes it look luxe.  Leopard matches with everything…. it’s the new neutral.  Fancy.

3. Forever21, $4.80 – Cobalt is the shiznit.  It looks stunning against any shade of gray. It’s also a perfect pop of color, at the most amazing price.  Trendy.

4. H&M, $12.95 – This bow is to die for.  It is not to floppy or girly… it’s a fierce structured bow.  I would frock this with any solid colored dress, it would look especially beautimous against cobalt, white, or tan.  Edgy.

Frock The Vote Tomorrow*

– S