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Hayyyyyyy Little Frockers.  Skinny jeans look good on everyone, so I am doing them five ways today.  A dark wash can werq, no matter what the occasion happens to be.  Dark washes slenderize your legs, and they look cleaner then light washes.  These are some of my fav pairs:

1. American Eagle, $44.95 – This pair of jeans is actually a jegging.  Jeggings are a lot more comfy than jeans.  American Eagle has the best denim colors.

2. Victoria’s Secret, $69.50 – These are my favorite jeans ever.  They have a lot of stretch in them, so it feels like you aren’t even wearing jeans.  They also don’t stretch out thoughout the day…. they stay the same size!

3. Old Navy, $29.50 – Old Navy sells jeans for a very nice price, and they’re also available in a variety of colors and prints.  For this price you can get more than one pair.

This week, I have gone ahead and found five different ways to dress up your skinny jeans….. and, as always nothing is over $50.  Let’s gets ta frockin:


When compiling a professional outfit, I like to stick to dark colors.  When you use black and white, you can gravitate towards a more severe texture or silhouette.

1. YESSTYLE, $12.80 – This neck is fierce hunty, I love the asymmetry of it.  I also really like that the buttons are black, it helps blend the black and white aspects of the ensemble.

2. Forever21, $34.80 – A black blazer makes everything chic as frock.  It always looks dressy, and it’s always appropriate.  The deep v closure of the blazer is totes in right now, and the gold button adds a touch of taste.

3. H&M, $29.95 – Since most of this outfit is very structured, I like a purse that is a just a tad slouchy.  An oversize bag is a must for werq.

4. Target, $14.99 – These shoes are adorbs.  The strap keeps them from being boring.


You should always look polished, even when casual.  Putting together the right essentials keeps you from appearing frumpy.

1. Mango, $19.99 – J’adore an oversized white tee.  The pocket keeps this shirt from looking like an undershirt or pj’s.

2. H&M, $12.95 – A knit scarf instantly dresses up a plain tee.  An infinity scarf always looks fierce, without the fussiness of tying.  I think beige is a really good color to frock when you are casual.

3. Old Navy, $20 – The red in this bag adds a pop of color, while the brown helps tie the whole look together.  This bag is superb for running errands.

4. Charlotte Russe, $20.99 – Booties are stylish, and this pair adds a posh finish to a basic shirt.  The slight heel is easy to walk in, plus it elongates your legs.


Jeans can be über sexy when all of the right elements are combined.

1. Victoria’s Secret, $49.50 – A sheer blouse is super sexy….. as long as you’re wearing a solid colored bra.  This blouse also has a tie around the neck, which you can elect to tie if you aren’t down with a bit of cleave.  A touch of red makes you stand out.

2. Forever 21, $8.80 – A gold statement necklace = eleganza.  This necklace looks luxe, and gold illuminates your skin.

3. Charlotte Russe, $42.50 – These pumps are playful, hot, and edgy.  The gold detailing on the heel matches everything else to a t.  The animal print is concentrated in one small area, therefore it is not overwhelming.

4. Amazon, $19.99 – Major.  I love this clutch.  Perfection for dressing up denim.  This outfit is magnifique, you are sure to have everyone frock to you.


Even when it’s freezing outside, you can still look fine as frock.

1. Forever 21, $37.80 – This cardi is gorge.  The fur trim is interesting, chic, and warm.  I’m also digging the graphic print on the sweater, werq.

2. + 3. H&M, $9.95 & $6.95 – Knits are cozy.  The shade is similar to the fur, not to mention beige matches with everything.  The shape of the hat is different (and super cute), and mittens are warmer than gloves.

4. Old Navy, $30 – J’adore a knit boot, they are way more attractive than uggs….. plus they’re nice and toasty.

5. Target, $29.99 – Faux leather dresses all of the knit activity up.  By incorporating a sleek tote, you’re showing that you put thought into your look, and you look put together.


It’s quite simple to wear more than one trend at once without looking like a “What The Frock”.  Below, I am fusing together six different trends.

1. Forever 21, $17.80 – This top is two current trends on its own, polka dots + Peter Pan collar.  The simplicity of the colors allow the shirt to showcase both trends.

2. Aldo, $45 – Two trends are merged into this clutch as well, oxblood + envelope clutch.  An envelope clutch adds a stylish finish to any ensemble.  The gold accentuates the oxblood color in the best way possible.

3. Amazon, $21 – I’m just frockin’ around with one mega trend here…. cap toe.  Cap toe pumps have been all over the place.  Once again, the color is very basic, and the gold cap toe blends the clutch and belt together.

4. Forever 21, $4.80 – Oxblood + Bright Belt = Two Trends.  By tucking the shirt into your skinny jeans, and adding a belt, you instantly look edgy (and leaner).

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International Frockers, Get Your Frock On*…. and Fellow Americans, Go Frock The Vote*

– S