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Holler at a Manly Monday!  Ladies/Ladyboys, if you want to skip the manly portion of this post go to the bottom, where I found you some fierce pj’s!

Men, it’s getting cold out, and sometimes going to a bar and taking your jacket totally blows.  This is my favorite time of year to put on cozies, watch TV, and eat delish snacks.  You should enjoy this time too.  If you get down with my pajamarama, you should invite a nice lady caller over….. to show off your pj’s of course.  Let’s start some drama in fancy pajamas:

Jammies for the everyday guy:

This jams are best if you’re on a budget.  These aren’t very high maintenance, and they’re cozy.  It’s always nice to match…. you never know when someone is going to spend the night!  These are great if you are a single, a frat guy, a busy dad, a student, pretty much anyone.  You can get all of this stuff for under $40 from Old Navy.

Basic tee shirts are perf to sleep in, you don’t get too hot.  A darker color can even be worn out the next day (if you happen to be running extremely late).  This tee is $8.  Can you believe that these cozy flannels are $15?  That is crazy, where else are you going to find cute pj pants for such a nice price?  You just gots ta top this look off with a slipper… you may have to take the trash out! $14.94, yes please.

A Sleep Suit For The Playboy:

Some gentlemen just aren’t down with being clothed, but this robe is the bomb.  It’s comfortable, sexy, and luxe.  I picture an established businessman in these jams… or a total d-bag at a pajama themed party.  Either way, a robe is great if you like to sleep nudie, or if you have a hot tub.

Both the robe ($36.99) and slippers ($24.95) are from Amazon.  I like the navy blue color, it appears rich.  This robe looks really warm too.  Werq.

The Perfect Sleepy Set:

You have to love a matching set.  This set’s my fave one that I’ve ever seen.  Matching sets are ideal if you have a girlfriend (or boyfriend or fiancé or wife) that you live with, or sleeps over a lot.  This little ensemble is from Jcrew.

Sometimes you have to pay a not so perfect price for perfection, but I think it’s worth $69.50 for this set… it’s important to look good at all times, even when sleeping. How gorge are these slippers ($59.50)…. flawless.  You’ll love everything about them, especially the lining, totes snug.

Thanks for frockin’ me this week mens, here’s a little bonus video that I think you’ll enjoy about jammies (ladies you’ll like this too).  Don’t forget……… if you can’t frock yourself, how the hell are you going to frock anyone else?

*Lady/Ladyboys Pajama Party

Let’s get real, jammies rock.  A matching pj set or a pretty color most certainly makes lounging around until noon acceptable.

1.  Target, $17.49 – Werq.  This matching set is cute, sexy, and fun.  It is dark, which means it’s not see-through…. what a plus!

2.  Victoria’s Secret, $49.50 – I know, kind of a splurge, but it’s super comfy.  I like a silky fabric when I’m sleeping.  It feels good against your skin, and you don’t get too hot (even though you look super hott).  Eleganza.

3.  Old Navy, $12.54 – Slippers are a must.  If your feet are cold, your whole body is going to be, silly.  White matches everything, so it’s the perfect color to keep your little piggies toasty.

You all know that I will be getting my Drag Race on tonight, so go ahead tweet me while you’re watching too @RockinAroundThe

Put A Frock In It*

– S