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Bonjour Little Frockers!  Thanksgiving is practically here.  I know, everyone loves Thanksgiving, I mean who doesn’t enjoy stuffing their face with turkey, mashed pots, stuffing, and crannie sauce?  The one and only downside about Thanksgiving (unless you’re a vegetarian… if that’s the case make this pasta) is choosing the perfect outfit.  You can walk out the door feeling like a million bucks, and then after getting your munch on, you’re an uncomfy mess.  I have chosen to do phat not fat Thanksgiving outfits five ways today, to help everyone look and feel their best on this special day.  Unbuttoning your pants just isn’t an option… and everything that I found for you is under $50, so let’s frock n roll:

Shift Werq:

Shift dresses werq from 9-5 and beyond.  They aren’t fussy, and they’re super flattering.  A shift dress looks superb on all shapes and sizes.  You can dress up a very simple shift with bold jewelry, and a fierce hair do.  This type of silhouette allows you to fit a giant burrito in your dress with nobody even noticing.  If a shift dress can hide a burrito, it can hide a few Thanksgiving pounds.  I love cobalt, and black is always a good choice.

Dress 1. H&M, $29.95, Dress 2. Forever 21, $19.80

Be A Wrap Super Star:

A wrap dress is perfection for Thanksgiving.  When you know you are going to be eating and feeling bloated, you want to be sure to choose something that isn’t skin tight.  The ties on both of these dresses have the ability to be loosened…. if you over eat.  The ties also add shape to something that could potentially be frumpy.  Red is a great shade to frock on a special occasion.

Dress 1. Old Navy, $30, Dress 2. The Limited, $27.29 (J’adore everything about this frock).

Look Better, Frock A Sweater:

Knit fabrics are very forgiving, plus they are super warm.  You just have to make sure that your knit fabric is not skin tight.  A loose sweater dress cinched at the waist is always a safe choice.  I like to forgo a belt for this special holiday (a drawstring or attached tie is my go-to), because belts can make you squirm after a big meal…. ties can be adjusted.  November is usually chilly, so sweaters are ideal.  As stated previously, a bold color is fierce, but black ALWAYS werqs.

Dress 1. Target, $29.99, Dress 2. Modcloth, $49.99

Peplum Crazy:

Peplums can be tight, however that lovely little peplum covers the area of your stomach that’s going to get bloated.  So, this wondrous silhouette will still show off your hot bod, but magically cover that big meal you just ate.  I think a cardi looks a bit fussy with a peplum, so make sure you have a very wide strap, short sleeve, or long sleeve version.  I would also veer towards a darker shade, i.e. blues, purples, blacks, reds…

Dress 1. H&M, $34.95, Dress 2. Modcloth, $42.99

Get A Legging up… On Everyone Else’s Frock:

Tunics and leggings are always a big phat yes.  This look seriously flatters every single bod out there.  The only thing that you need to look out for is the length of the tunic.  When you are wearing leggings, you should always make sure that your top completely covers your badonkadonk.  Leggings are superb, because they are nothing but stretch…. so unbuttoning is not an option!  You can try a patterned or printed legging with a simple top, or a fancy top with a simple bottom.  Pumps and flats look great with tunics and leggings too.  The looseness of the tunic allows you to look amaze after an entire bowl of mashed potats.

Look 1. Tunic, Target, $26.99, Leggings, Charlotte Russe, $14.99

Look 2. Tunic, Forever 21, $24.80, Leggings, Old Navy, $10

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Tis The Season To Get Your Frock On*
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