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It’s Manly Monday!  If you want to skip the manly portion (which can also be helpful for ladies + ladyboys today) of this post go to the bottom, where I will show you how to get red for the holidays.

I’m sure that every single one of you will attend some type of holiday soiree this season, and you may even be hosting one…. which is why I am doing the perfect holiday frocktails for your extravaganza.  I’m doing frocktails because I don’t get down with punches, you never know who has stuck their finger in the bowl, or what other type of germy nonsense has occurred.  Tis the season to blame it on the alcohol.

My Cider-Sense Is Tingling:

Hot cider is sheer perfection on cold winter nights, and you don’t need much to make a fierce cider.  All you need is a gallon (or more) of apple cider, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, and cinnamon sticks.  It’s also nice to have disposable mugs when serving a hot drink, because a handle is ideal (and you won’t have to wash any dishes).  About thirty minutes before you get the party started, pour the apple cider into a large pot on the stove.  Heat at a low setting, and toss in a few cinnamon sticks.  Keep the cider warm all evening, but make sure it doesn’t boil.  When you are ready to serve, put about one and a half shots of Captain Morgan into each mug, fill the rest with warm apple cider (a large spoon or ladle comes in handy), and garnish with a cinnamon stick.  Now everyone is nice and toasty.

Wine Makes Everybody Look Fine:

Wine is a must have for all holiday affairs, and you can get a great wine without breaking the bank.  Wine is also an excellent gift when you are unsure about what to get for someone (because seriously, who doesn’t like vino).  You should never show up to a fete empty handed….. so when in doubt, take a bottle of wine.  For a red wine, go with a cabernet, Redtree has a luxe one for $9.  When selecting a white, sauvignon blanc or pinot grigio is your best bet (but I like sb better).  Two Oceans has a nice crisp sb for under $10.  If you want to go even cheaper (i.e. Sutter Home), just get inexpensive decanters, and pour all of the wine into them (and throw away the bottles)….. this way nobody has the opportunity to see what you are serving, so they’ll most likely not question it.  Wine, dine, looking fine.

A Berry Good Frocktail Party:

I really like this frocktail because it looks fancy, and it’s clear (which means hot messes won’t ruin your carpet).  Unfortunately this drink does take a bit of preparation.  You will need a few ice cube trays.  These cubes are very easy to make, all you have to do is place a cranberry into each ice cube spot, fill with water, then freeze.  Once your cubes are finished, they will look really cool….. and all you have to do is mix one-third pear vodka, and two-thirds white cranny juice.  You’re practically a mixologist now.

Frock The Preparation:

If preparation just isn’t your thing, take the easy way out.  Pick up seasonal beer, Sam Adams White Christmas is def a crowd pleaser.  If you want to make your lady friends happy…. you simply must grab a few cases of Sofia sparkling wine.  This little champagne is genius…. it comes in a can (no glass necessary), AND it comes with a straw, which is completely adorbs (now your lady friends won’t ruin their lipstick).  Fabulous.

Caught Red Handed Ladies + Ladyboys:

Since the holiday season is almost here, go ahead and frock that cheer.  Accents of red are chic way to look fresh without going overboard.  The best part about these little pops of color….. everything is under $20.

1.   Charlotte Russe, $19.49 – Mary Jane’s are sleek and classic.  The red adds a stylish update to a closet staple.

2.  Victoria’s Secret, $13 – A pop of color on your face instantly dresses you up.  This line of lipsticks are slightly sheer, so they werq on all skin tones.

3.  Old Navy, $16 – Scarves are warm, and they’re like a comfy necklace.  J’adore red plaid with dark denim.

4.  OPI The Thrill Of Brazil, $8 – Red livens up your dry little hands, it matches with everything, and it’s werq appropriate.

5.  Target, $17.48 – This clutch is edgy and fun.  I love that the structured shape, and chain strap.

Rock Out With Your Frock Out*

– S