Yes, my box is always hot….. my Birch one that is.

You know in “10 Things I Hate About You”, when Chastity says, “I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?”….. well that’s how I felt about my Birchbox this month, just plain whelmed.  Needless to say, I was still slightly excited to open it, and luckily it was a lot better than the past few months.  Here’s what was in my November Birchbox:

1.  Masqueology, Revitalizing Eye Gel – These were okay.  They were slightly messy, it felt like I was playing with jelly.  Once they were on my face, it felt good.  I guess they depuffed me, but I couldn’t quite tell.  I would use these eye masks again, but I probably won’t buy them.

2.  Stila, Liquid Luminizer – Love.  This was the best thing in my Birchbox, and it made up for the mediocre stuff.  It’s perfect for my skin tone.  I love the texture, the slight amount of shimmer, and the pink undertones.  This made my skin look dewy and glowy.

3.  MCMC Fragrances, Phoenix – Too intense for me, I think this smells a bit grandma-ish (at least it does on me).  I prefer a woodsy or clean scent.  The packaging was cute though.

4.  One Love Organics, Body Serum – I really like this serum.  It hydrated my skin very well, and it smells delish.  This serum is perfect for extremely dry skin, and I think it’s fabulous that you can spray it onto your skin (rather than applying a few drops).

5.  Masqueology, Masque Cleanse & Moisture Cream – These were my November extras.  I haven’t tried them yet, I probably will when I run out of my usual moisturizer.  Extras are always nice.

I also got a pon in my Birchbox for $15 off of a CHROMATICgallerie purchase (but I think each purchase is $88, so I will most likely not use).  All in all, my November Birchbox was most def a step forward from the past few boxes….. I just hope it doesn’t take two steps back this December.  I still think that you little frockers should subscribe, because for $10 every month, why the frock not.  It’s also exciting to get a little package every month, and there’s always at least one thing that I really like in each Birchbox.

Frock On*

– S