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It’s Manly Monday!  If you want to skip the manly portion (which can also be helpful for ladies + ladyboys today) go to the bottom, where I’ll show you how to select perfect gifts for the men in your life.

Men, getting gifts for women can be tricky… and most of the time, if you pick out the gift yourself, it totes blows (and we have to pretend we like it).  You most likely have a few ladies to shop for, and that can be overwhelming.  Shopping for women doesn’t have to be hard or (overly) expensive.  I’ve found the perfect gifts for any type of lady, and I’ve selected three options for each one.  Each set of gifts is in order starting with the lowest price, let’s gets ta shoppin.

Gifts For Your Significant Other:

Shopping for your girlfriend (or fiancé, or wife, or boyfriend, or booty call) can be the toughest gift that you have to get.  Girlfriends expect something fierce and fab, and you prob have a different idea of what fabulous is.  If you get the wrong gift, she’s going to be upset… and then tell everyone what a bad job you did.  Any girl would be happy with these gifts.

1.  Forever 21, $12.80 – This necklace looks a lot more luxe than it actually is.  The navy (the stones are navy, although they look black) and gold combo is gorge.  This is a statement necklace that can dress up anything.  It will look great with a tee, or a dress.

2.  Victoria’s Secret, $45 – The bottle of this perfume is sheer eleganza.  Based on looks alone, the recipient of this gift will be ecstatic.  The scent is sexy, rich, and subtle… perfect for a girlfriend.

3.  Coach, $128 – Every single girl loves a gift from Coach.  The color of this clutch is so right now, and it’s a larger size (so it can hold more than just a phone).  The gold chain strap is sickening, J’adore.

Gifts For Mommy Dearest:

Mom will pretend to like anything you get her…. so, why don’t you actually get something that she’ll like this year.

1.  Baublebar, $26 – This necklace is perf for mom.  It’s not too sexy, and it’s not trying too hard.  It has the right amount of style, plus the color can go from day to night.  Baublebar has a lot of really amazing necklaces for nice prices… make your Madre a fashionista.

2.  The Body Shop, $50 – You can never go wrong with a classic lotion gift basket.  The packaging of this is clean and modern.  If you don’t know what type of scent to get mom, go for a classic shea butter or vanilla.  This gift set includes everything that you could possibly need for a spa-like experience.

3.  Anthropologie, $98 – This tree is a functional statement piece, it holds jewelry.  What a brilliant idea… jewelry is like a werq of art, so why not put it on display.  Jewelry boxes are so 1992 anyway.

Gifts For The Hostess With The Mostest:

You should NEVER show up to an event empty handed, it’s rude.  Always take a small token of appreciation to your host… even if they say not to.

1.  Anthropologie, $18 – These are adorbs, and perf for a host that has prepared food for you.  They’re so cute, that it will be hard to keep them in a drawer.

2.  Pier1, $14.98 – You know that everyone is going to be bringing bottles of wine for your lovely host…. why not give them a place to put it.  This little rack holds six bottles, it matches with any color kitchen, and it’s chic as frock.

3.  Bath & Body Works, $15 – Everybody washes their hands.  Everybody loves Bath & Body Works seasonal scents.  Any host (male or female), would be pleased with this.

Gifts For Any Lady:

These gifts are all superb for anyone.  They werq for a sister, friend, office secret santa, cousin, even someone that you forgot about.

1.  Old Navy, $18 – It’s cold out, slippers are warm, thus making them a good present.  The leopard print shows that you (as well as the recipient), are fashionable.  Slippers usually come in small, medium, or large… get a medium to be safe.

2.  Bath & Body Works, $42.50 –  Fun, fashionable, functional…. your three f’s.  The bag that this gift set comes in is the most exciting part, and everyone loves Bath & Body Works.  I happen to like the Twilight Woods scent, it’s somewhat neutral… making it an ideal present.

3.  Kate Spade, $89 – I’m really into faux fur accents, and I have good taste… so you men should listen.  Faux fur makes everything look fancy, and a scarf isn’t overwhelming.  This color is flattering on all skin tones, and it can go with black or brown.

Those are my perfect gifts (I’d be pleased with any of them), so I’m very confident in my findings.  I do have one more tip for you men… DON’T buy clothing for a lady unless you know her size (anyone that wants to get me a present, remember I’m a small and a shoe size 7)… you never know when she will accuse you of thinking she’s fat (this could happen if you get her something too big, or if it’s too small and she looks like a stuffed sausage).  And don’t forget, if you want to get frocked this holiday season, make sure your gifts rock.

Ladies/Ladyboys –  Perfect Man Gifts:

Men are easy to shop for, I like to get them clothing.  It’s like charity werq, you’re making them look better, and they don’t even realize it.  Here’s a few gifts that can werq for your gentlemen caller, brother, dad, or secret santa.

1.  Anthropologie, $20 – Don’t even act like you won’t be at Anthropologie this season.  While you’re there, you can pick up a man gift!  Practically all men drink beer, which means that they need the perfect bottle opener.  This one looks fancy, and tough at the same time…. it’s like manly art.

2.  Victoria’s Secret, $49 – Do you see what I’m doing here?  Yes, you can pick up man gifts at your fave shopping places.  I love Victoria’s Secret, they have AMAZING promo codes and coupons.  I also enjoy a nice smelling man.

3.  Jcrew, $89.50 – Guys aren’t the best dressers, and every lad can use a sweater.  I am so down with winter white, it looks really fresh with dark denim.  The patchwerq on the elbows is major, so fierce.

Aside from Christmas, I am soooo excited for the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars tonight (at 9 pm on Logo).

Werq it out Miss Raven!!!!

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