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Oh Hayyy Frock Stars!  I get down with a heavier pattern during the cooler seasons, and lately I’ve been all about plaid.  Plaid is classic, appropriate for all occasions, and comes in a variety of patterns + colors.  No matter what you like, there’s a plaid out there that will suit you.  So, color yourself plaid… five different ways.

We’re Off To A Plaid Start:

Plaid DressYou can find a plaid dress in any silhouette, however I like to stick to a more structured shape cinched at the waist.  J’adore a long sleeve… especially with boots.

1.  Abercrombie & Fitch, $30 – The colors in this dress are adorbs, I think a deep green can give off a festive vibe.  The bow is also a nice touch, it’s like you’re a glorious little present.  Yes, this is strapless… but throw on a pair of navy tights and a bolero jacket, and you are winter ready.

2.  Modcloth, $49.99 – Vintage chic.  The color palette used in this dress is divine.  The collar and the buttons are trendy and classic at the same time.  This would be perf to wear to lunch with frenemies.

3.  Coldwater Creek, $49.99 – The shape of this dress is unique yet flattering.  This dress would look good on any frame (small, medium, or large).  You almost can’t tell that this dress is plaid, especially on the pleats (I love a pleated skirt).  The purple tie is a nice pop of color.  This is how you frock plaid at night hunties.

4.  Jcrew, $59.99 – I’m obsessed with this type of dress.  Long sleeved flannel dresses are perfection during fall and winter.  This would look sickening with a pair of boots in early autumn, and equally as good with tights and a knit hat during the winter.  This dress is cozy, comfy, and stylish.  Werq.

Be In The Plaid Girls Club:

Plaid Purses And ShoesAccents of plaid can bring a drab ensemble to life.  Since plaid is such a classic pattern, you can go kinda cray with bold shades.

1.  Target, $16.99 – Major.  I typically am not a fan of purple and red together, but I think that the gold frame does a steller job of bringing the bold shades together.  The closure is absolutely amaze.  I would totes rock this with dark denim, and plum pumps.

2.  Old Navy, $22.94 – Red plaid can be extraordinarily fresh.  It is very easy to mix reds with practically anything (jeans, khakis, cords, colored denim…).  Shoes can be a slick way to show off your good taste, especially in a conservative environment.

3.  G by Guess, $48.30 – Wedges are a superb invention.  They make your legs look stunning, they’re easy to walk in, and you don’t see pink plaid very often… yes please!

4.  Nasty Gal, $40.60 – I have an accessory crush on this bag.  The sleek mustard flap modernizes an otherwise dull bag.  I’m beyond down with mustard, and in this case, it makes the bag werq… for werq.

Take A Sick Day, You’re Feeling Plaid:

Plaid TopsLivening up your look with a touch of plaid is fierce.  Pick the plaid first, then find the perf bottom to match.

1.  The Limited, $49.90 – How dapper is this little blouse?  Dress it up with a few gold chains, and frock it with black pants or a pencil skirt… or dress it down with a heather gray scarf and skinnies.

2.  American Eagle, $39.99 – I love the ruffle detailing of this top.  It would look super cute (a size larger than you typically wear) with leggings.  I’m also feeling the tuck that the model is rocking (you know I’m all about the tuck).  This shirt can werq in the afternoon at the dog park… and then at happy hour at a dive bar (you’ll prob be the fiercest one there)!

3.  Forever 21, $19.80 – This sweater is serving up winter wonderland realness.  I’m into crewneck sweaters, so you should be too.

4.  Target, $34.99 – Blazers always add a sophisticated touch to any outfit.  A dark plaid brings the posh without being too dressy.  Sex up your blazer with a ponytail teased at the crown, or big soft waves.

P-P-P-P-Plaid, Plaid To The Bone:

Plaid BottomsKnick knack paddy whack, give a dog a bone(er)… in these dashing plaid bottoms.  The right pattern can actually shape your badonk.  If you’re smaller opt for big plaids, if you’re larger go for smaller prints (opposites attract).

1.  American Apparel, $50 – The volume in this skirt is fab, and the color is perf for the holiday season.  A solid colored crewneck (tucked in), is going to look best with this shape.  And the pockets… total plus!

2.  Tillys, $29.99 – Burgundy looks stylish with a light gray.  Since these pants are skinnies, they would pair well with a loose top (almost tunic-y).  I think these can look more fashionable (as opposed to skater chic), by adding a sky-high stiletto.

3.  Modcloth, $47.99 – OMG I am feelin the blue in this skirt.  The layers are sheer eleganza… this skirt is giving us Mad Men realness, or preppy chic.

4.  Gap, $47.99 – A plaid jean is a nice way to ease into patterned bottoms.  The pattern is so faint, that you can treat these like a typical pair of jeans.  I would stick to a solid colored top and a flat shoe… ideal for shopping!

The Good, The Plaid, Nothing Ugly:

Plaid AccentsYou don’t have to make a full commitment to plaid, just weave it into your life… in small doses.  Touches of any pattern are fun, fresh, and fab.

1.  Sally Hansen, $8.94 – Stick on polish is genius (if you don’t have teeny tiny nails like me).  Stick, file, and go…. Why not frock a statement nail if it’s that easy.

2.  Target, $14.99 – This plaid is made up of neutral colors, so it will look edgy paired with a solid dress.  Top off your look with a heeled oxford, ravishing!

3.  Pier 1, $29.95 – J’adore the way that a ruffled pillow can soften up a modern couch. Reds can also be used as holiday decor (that can last year round… Xmas, Valentines, 4th of July).

4.  Jessica Simpson, $38 – A big scarf is trés elegant.  Large scarves draw attention to all the right places… and they look best with your hair up, which means you don’t really have to spend time styling.

5.  Forever 21, $9.50 – Trapper hats are fun and cozy… and this one is such a nice price, so frock it.

Leave a comment or tweet me (@RockinAroundThe), showing me how plaid-ass you Little Frockers are.

Get Your Frock On*

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