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The Magnifique of the Week is……… The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

I live for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, it’s my fave non-traditional holiday event.  For me, it’s not Thanksgiving that kicks off the holiday season… it’s this fashion show.  Victoria’s Secret never fails to put on a fun + sexy event that millions look forward to.  Plus, it’s something that men and women are both interested in!  Even though mostly undies are showcased, it’s sooo exciting to see the intricate detailing of the wings, the hot bods, and the sickening (perfectly tousled) hair.  Here’s a few looks that I thought totes turned it out:

Fave VS Fashion Show LooksJ’adore the whimsical feel that the sparkle is giving… and how amaze is Miranda Kerr’s headpiece?… it’s like Whoville gone runway.  The PINK portion of the show is always fun, and I usually want all of the items featured, especially if sequins are involved.  I loved the circus portion of the show too, this little pink ensemble makes me want to gets ta craftin… with pink cotton balls.  My favorite look of all has to be #2 (above), Victoria’s Secret is serving up high fashion realness.  This entire look is stunning, from head to jabot!  Although I was beyond ecstatic to see a jabot, that’s not exactly what everyone else was talking about…

Most Talked About Vs Fashion Show

The bajillion dollar bra is always the main event, but this year an exquisite headdress stole the show.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see it last night (because it offended many Native Americans), but what the frock were they going to dress November up as?… A sexy turkey? Sexy Turkey

No thank you.  I thought that Karlie Kloss looked stunning decked out in feathers and turquoise, she was giving us Pocahontas, and I was digging it.  Rihanna was also werqin it, she looked sleek and chic.  Her hair was glamorous hunty… she brought it.

I thought the show was superb, and I will def be shopping at Victoria’s Secret this weekend (they have the best promo codes and deals ever).  What did you Frock Stars think of the show?  Leave a comment or tweet me (@RockinAroundThe) and let me know.

Frock On*

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