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The Magnifique of the Week is……… The Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Styling Wand.

Curling WandPractically every Frock Star longs for soft tousled waves…

Wavy Hair

And very few are lucky enough to be born that way.  Wavy hair is absolutely sickening, and waves werq with any hair’s natural texture… not against it.  This curling wand is perfection, I use it every single day.  The wand heats up in like 20 seconds, it’s easy to use, the pearl finish doesn’t damage my hair, and it’s $25.  I prefer a wand to a curling iron because the iron’s clamp is a hot mess.  The Remington wand doesn’t leave the slightest trace of a crease in your mane, which I adore.  All that you have to do is wrap two-inch sections of hair around the wand, hold for ten seconds, and release.  After I’m finito with my entire head, I like to go through with my fingers and rough the curls up… I like it rough.  Then I get my tease on, and get down with some flexible hold hairspray.  When your hair looks divine, you’re bound to have a good day.

What the frock did one ocean say to the other?… nothing, she waved.  So, get your wave on just like the Atlantic.

Frock Your Locks*

– S