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Hayyy Little Frockers.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go shopping this week… the werq week kicked my ass, but I did get my Ipsy Glam Bag + Birchbox!  When I checked the mail and had these wondrous prizes waiting for me, I realized that they were the perfect spice up.  Each monthly gift is only $10, making the total for Ipsy and Birchbox $20.  Each subscription also comes with at least four products, so when you get both, you know you’ll be adding at least eight new products to your beauty inventory… and seriously, your face and body need spicing too.  Birchbox and Ipsy are superb for women (and ladyboys) of all ages because you’re able to specify details regarding your skin, hair, and style, when you enroll.  Ipsy is a better option for you Mother Frockers that are more into makeup and not afraid to test out new looks, or color (and they have amaze tutorials).  You should opt for Birchbox if you like higher end products that are made for your face, body, and even lifestyle (their blog is also fashionably informative, I love it).  However, since both subscriptions are only $10… I recommend getting both!  Let’s gets ta spicin.

Don’t Be Afraid To Brag Bout Your Glamorous Bag:

Ipsy Glam BagIpsy glam bags are a fab gift for yourself or someone else.  Every bag that I’ve received is totes worth it, and absolutely sickening.  The monthly bags practically contain a complete look for you to try out… and many of the products tend to be full size.  My December bag contained ideal items to spice your face with this holiday season.

December Glam Bag

1.  Mirabella, Primer For Face & Eyes – This sample size was huge, so that’s always exciting.  Primer is always a nice thing to have because it can benefit everyone (including those looking at you, because it makes you prettier).  I really liked the texture of this primer, it was super smooth without a trace of grease… I couldn’t even tell that I had it on.

2.  Bombshell, Hot Mess Lip Gloss – I was slightly terrified of this gloss at first because it appears insanely red, and hunty I’m a Casper.  After opening, I realized it was pretty sheer and actually seemed a lot pinker.  I’ll frock it, it was a nice size and texture.

3.  Urban Decay, Glide On Eye Pencil In Zero – Urban Decay is always a plus, all of their products are superb.  I normally don’t wear black liner, but I have this pencil in other colors and am obsessed.  It glides right onto your eyes, and it’s crazy easy to smoke out.  It also stays put all day.  I wore it this week and warmed up to black again (for now).

4.  NYX, Loose Pearl Shadow – Oops… I accidentally ripped off the label with the color that I got, but whatever it is, J’adore it.  The color was perf for my skin tone (and I can’t really think of a skin color that it would look bad on), it is a sheer rose gold.  I’ve been rocking this shadow all week, I’ll prob buy it when I run out.

5.  Mai Couture, Highlighter Papier – Brilliant.  These were similar to oil blotting sheets, except they apply highlighter to your face… without a mess.  The packaging is so cute, and the color was gorge.

I was trés pleased with my bag and its contents this month.  A+.

Be A Fox With Help From Birchbox:

BirchboxMy Birchbox’s have been a real hit or miss recently, but this month was a hit.  No matter what, there’s always something inside that I’m excited about and will use.  I find that Birchbox typically contains treatments, which is fab for those Friday nights that you stay home to watch Fashion Police (in your cozys).  There’s always an “extra” too, which I dig.  The extra’s can range from man samples to headphones, and I’m down with a surprise in my (Birch)box.  Overall, I was pleased with my December box.

December Birchbox1.  Thymes, Lotus Santal Body Lotion – This was my beauty extra, I haven’t tried it… and I probably won’t until I run out of lotion (which would be maybe on vacation?).  As I said, It’s always nice to have an extra… this one just wasn’t very exciting.

2.  Juice Beauty, Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream – Loved, but it was really small.  I thought this was a moisturizer (and I was fresh out), so I used it when I got out of the shower.  My skin looked fierce, I was a real sleeping beaut that night.  This CC cream completely evened out my skin tone, it blended well, and it smelled like honeysuckle… I like honeysuckle.

3.  Kerastase, Nuritive Nectar Thermique – I use a flat iron and curling wand like every day, and (I know I should but) I don’t use a heat protectant… it just feels like one extra step that I don’t want to take.  This smelled good, it was like a nice glass of OJ for my hair.  I just wish it was resealable.

4.  Thymes, Naia Body Lotion – I liked this lotion, it was thick and moisturizing.  It also smelled good (clean and light), but I prefer a heavier scent for the winter.  I’ll prob use this on an unexpected warm day… when I’m stuck with all winter scents.

5.  ModelCo, SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss In Berry Pink – Brilliant idea.  No matter what color, I would’ve adored this gloss because of the mirror.  It’s hard to apply gloss when you’re a busy bee and a mirror isn’t available… well now it is.  On top of the packaging, the gloss smelled good and I liked the color.  It was a very sheer pink that would prob bring out anyone’s natural lip color.

Birchbox impressed me this month.

I enjoyed my December gifts (to myself), and look forward to January’s.  You Frock Stars should spice up your life with a subscription too.

Go Frock Yourself*

– S