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The Magnifique of the Week is…… Threshold Faux Fur Throws.

Faux Fur ThrowI love faux fur everywhere, especially throughout my home.  J’adore the look that faux fur can give a bed.  Last week on Million Dollar Decorators, Martyn Lawrence Bullard sexed up Stacey Dash’s bed with fur, and it was fabulous as frock…

My Dream BeddieI’m currently in the process of making my bed a clone.  I’ve been investigating different throws for a few weeks, and I stumbled upon a few at Target.  I’ve been thinking about picking one up, but every time I was there I totes forgot.  Luckily I got one for Christmas!  It’s amaze, it’s sooo soft and it feels luxurious.  I’m faux sho feeling the way that my new throw looks folded on my sofa, it’s functional decor… but it’s also so comfy + cozy that I’ve been bringing it to bed too.  I highly recommend getting one, a touch of fur makes anything look chic.  Fur looks stunning folded on a couch, across a bed, even draped over yourself… or your pets

Pugs In Fur

… and these luxe little throws are only $25, I’m even wearing one right now.  Faux a good time, go get a Threshold throw.

What did you Frock Stars get faux Christmas?  More importantly, what did you wear?

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