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New Year’s Eve is the most glamorous night of the year, so it’s trés important to find the right ensemble to rock (along with your confidence).  You always feel your best when you look your best, and there’s a perfect NYE outfit out there for each and every one of you.  New Year’s Eve is also the best night of the year to pick up a gentlemen caller… or a lady one.  So get noticed this NYE, and let me frock you (Mens, skip to the bottom).

You Can Call Me He. You Can Call Me She:

Borrowed From The Mens

You don’t have to frock a dress on NYE hunty.  A sleek pair of pants with a structured blazer can look just as fierce.  I get so down with menswear inspired looks, just make sure to wear a tie-neck blouse, or a statement necklace to amp up the sex appeal.

1.  Forever 21, $32.80 – I love black and white.  This blazer is gorge, the creamy trim adds interest to a basic jacket.  The shape is also fab, I dig the harsh lines.

2.  ASOS, $33.42 – The black tie keeps this sheer blouse from being overly sexy.  The loose shape is perfection.  I’m all about any type tie action around the neck of a blouse, it’s built in jewelry.

3.  Zara, $49.90 – Zara has the best leggings, like ever.  I love the faux leather finish on the front of this pair.  Yes, $50 is a bit much for leggings, but they fit like trousers…. def worth it.

4.  Forever 21, $27.80 – White blazers are the bomb.  I love when they’re trimmed with a black lapel… the contrast keeps it from being too summery.  White blazers look ravishing with dark denim, leggings, LBD’s… you name it.

It’s Your Time To Shine:

Metallic Dresses

Shine like a star in a metallic number.  Metallic is ideal for New Year’s, it’s just like sequin… minus the itch.  Wear your heavy metal with extremely straight hair teased at the crown, because I like it that way (and you will too).

1.  Ruche, $38.99 – Be a gold medalist in a figure flattering shift dress.  This shift would look sickening with opaque black tights (NYE can be chilly!), sleek black booties, and a noir envelope clutch.

2.  Victoria’s Secret, $69.50 – Tin man circa 2013…  I think this dress is fabulous.  The cut is very simple, so it’s okay to go cray with the metallic finish… and it never hurts to serve up a side of cleave.

3.  Modcloth, $52.99 – Have you ever seen the Will & Grace with the year of the shoulders?… if not, you should go watch it… right now.  This dress is single handedly making 2013 the year of the shoulders.  The pattern is sooo chic.

4.  ASOS, $19.35 – J’adore a dress that resembles a nightgown.  The shape is to die for, the length is perfection, and the price is unbelievable.

Tell A White Lie:

White Dresses

People don’t necessarily mess around with white this time of year… so break the rules.  Stand the frock out in winter white.

1.  SheInside, $64 – Could this dress be any more wondrous?  I mean seriously, the sleeves, the color, the collar… I’m in love.  I would frock my locks in a slicked back pompadour, and werq it.

2.  Topshop, $30 – The detailing on this dress draws all attention to the smallest part of your bod… your waist.  This would look amaze on any frock star, small or large.  When wearing a tighter dress, I get down and dirty with huge hair (the higher the hair, the closer to god).

3.  H&M, $34.95 – Black and white are stunning together.  Make this dress edgy with a black belt and black tights.  If you’re going more casual, frock a scarf… if your partaay is dressy, layer on the gems.

4.  Zara, $49.99 – At first glance this dress seems plain… but look at the shoulders, they’re major.  The shoulders are so fab that they take a standard dress to a whole new level.  You simply must wear your hair up (or in a faux bob) to show of the shoulder jewelry.

Ring In The New Ear:

NYE Earrings

New Year’s Eve is the ultimate time to serve up glam.  When you’re rocking your fanciest frock, a necklace can be a bit much… but an earring can werq wonders.  A bold earring not only frames your face, but it adds serious pizzazz to your outfit.  Earrings are an amaze way to bring the bling… and they can be budget friendly!

1.  ASOS, $26.39 – These earrings are perf, they aren’t too big or too small.  They also look like they’re expensive.  The shape is to die for.  This pair of sparklers would amp up anything you have on… even pajamas.

2.  Target, $12.99 – Teardrops are chic hunty.  I get down with a bold stone, and this sapphire shade is enchanting.  I always think of bold blue, silver, and gold, as the quintessential colors of New Year’s.

3.  Forever 21, $6.80 – Eleganza.  The pearls are very demure and tone down the sparkle, but not too much.  This pair would look gorge with a lace dress.

4.  Anthropologie, $32 – I love the shape of most drop earrings, especially this pair.  The color of the stone is beautimous too.

All Tied Up:

Mens Ties

Ties are mens version of a statement neckelace, so frock yourself in one… and show everyone what you’re werqin with.

1.  Express, Skinny Silk Tie $39 – I love a skinny tie on a man, I think it’s über chic.  A black tie can sometimes appear a bit “cater waiter”, but the slender cut makes it fashion forward.  This tie would look fierce with a sports jacket or without one, and black matches with virtually everything.

2.  Bows ‘N Ties, Polka Dot Tie $24.90 – Oxblood has become the color of 2012, so make a statement in it… before emerald (the official color of 2013) takes over.  J’adore that the polka dots are the same color as the tie, just a dif texture.  I think rich colors like this look luxe, and they look sublime on all skin tones.

3.  Platinum Ties, Gold Rush Geometric Print Tie $18.49 – New Year’s is all about glitz and glamour, which means that silver’s and gold’s are going to be your festive hues.  I prefer gold because I find that it warms up your face.  This tie is subtle, it’s not a metallic mess.  I think it would look stunning with khaki’s or dark red chinos, and a brown blazer.

4.  The Tie Bar, Solid Satin Reversible Bow Ties $15 – Sickening.  Bow ties are no longer considered “nerdy”… they’re extraordinarily stylish (hello Brad Goreski).  I love a good bow tie, they aren’t as fussy as ties, and you never have to worry about the length.  This bow tie is brilliant, it’s two in one!  You can wear the silver or the eggplant side… and both of those colors are trés fab for NYE.

5.  Croft & Barrow, Party Solid Glitter Pretied Bow Tie $19.20 – This bow tie is ideal for you mens that are unsure of how to tie them.  I happen to really like purple, I think it’s a rich color that appears regal, making it perfection for events.  The glitter on the tie is very understated, and you almost can’t tell that it’s there.  This tie is totes adorbs for a party.

6.  Countess Mara, Paisley Bow Tie $24.99 – I love this tie.  I love the shine that it’s giving, and I love the paisley pattern… it’s sheer perfection.  This would look amaze with anything, and silver is always a superb color to frock on NYE.

Ok, I know seriously served up eco chic by recycling today…. but I wanted to make sure that you’re ready for New Year’s.  I hope you party like a Frock Star on New Year’s Eve, and I’ll be back on Weds with “One Item, Five  Ways”.

Frock Out*