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Checking the mail can be really exciting… when there aren’t any bills awaiting you.  This past weekend I rolled the dice and got lucky, along with my Verizon bill there was a delightful treat… My Glam Bag!

January Glam BagThe whole package seemed heavier than usual, the bigger the better… right?  When I opened the beautimous pink packaging there was a little navy bag, giving me eleganza.  The bag was actually larger than most glam bags, so you could use it during a winter vacation (or weekend getaway).  Every since My Glam has transitioned to Ipsy, I’ve noticed that the bags are much better quality, and the lining on the inside is adorbs.  Not only did the outside exceed my expectations, but the inside did too…

January 2013 Glam BagIpsy is magnifique, my bags never disappoint.  I genuinely like (if not love) every single product that I received this month.  Getting products that weren’t exactly makeup was a refreshing way to start the New Year.  Now break it down, break it down, break it down…

1.  Sexyhair, Big Sexy Hair – J’adore.  I used to use this hairspray, but I prefer a more flexible hold, I don’t get down with hard hair.  However, this showed up at the best time… it is nasty outside (here on the east coast), and I’m frockin a messy updo for the rest of the week.  Today my hair didn’t move at all, and it still looked sickening when I got home from werq.  This is a product you can always count on.

2.  Josie Maran, Argan Oil – After teasing the shit out of my hair today, this argan oil made it a breeze to comb out.  Oils are a must (for me at least) for your hair.  They make hair soft, silky, and luxurious.  Plus, they smell amaze.

3.  Nailtini, Bloody Mary – Nail polishes are always an added bonus… why?… because they’re always full size.  The texture of this polish is marv, it’s thick enough where you only need two coats, and it dries fairly quickly.  I really like this color, it looks good with my casper-esque skin tone.  Not only do I make a mean Bloody Mary, but now I can serve it all day long.

4.  Pacifica, Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter – When I get lotion samples I don’t typically use them… I feel like I need to save them for vacation (that I never get to go on due to werq).  For some reason I decided to try this butta and I’m def going to buy it, which is weird because I don’t normally like fruity scents.  This butta was trés light, yet extraordinarily moisturizing. The scent is divine, it made me want summer… and the beach (when it’s cold I want summer, when it’s hot I want fall… I’m never satisfied).

5.  London Soho New York, Crease Brush – The only item more exciting than nail polish is a makeup brush.  Makeup brushes can be expensive, and if I go shopping for them they tend to be the one thing I leave the store without.  I’ve been meaning to get a new crease brush, but I keep forgetting.  I like this brands brushes, and a crease brush is sheer perfection for creating smokey eyes.

All in all, my monthly bag from Ipsy was Gone With The Wind Fabulous… yes hunty, that is my phrase of the week (Merci Kenya Moore, you frock).  I don’t think I really need to say it, but go subscribe.  I can’t think of a better way to spend $10.

Frock N Roll*