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My Birchbox arrived last week, and my expectations were not high.  I don’t know if I just haven’t been into the products that I’m getting, or if my Glam Bag is just overshadowing everything.  So, I waited for one week to open it… to see if that would make it exciting.

January 2013 BirchboxWas the opening thrilling?….. slightly.  Here’s what I got:

January Birchbox

1.  Harvey Prince, Skinny Chic – Usually the perfumes that I get from Birchbox are too strong and too old for me.  The packaging of this one was cute, and it looked fun.  I actually liked this smell, trés refreshing (I loved the hint of mint in it).  This perfume is warm spring/summer perfection.  I would def wear this like every day during summer.

2.  TheBalm, Hot Mama – I bought this immediately after using.  I’m currently obsessed with TheBalm, their packaging is major.  Hot Mama is the perfect blush for any skin tone.  There’s a touch of gold in this peachy blend that totes illuminates your skin.  I was feeling pale and wanted to go tanning, but after using this blush/highlighter I can hold off for bit.

3.  Lashem, Lash Gel Serum – The bottle of serum was really tiny, but the packaging was cute.  I’m not that into lash growth, my lashes are already long (always brushing against my sunglasses… I know, serious problem).  I didn’t know when to use this serum, before bed? Before applying makeup? During lunch?  So I tried it before bed. The serum was tinted, which surprised me, but I was down with it because it made me look prettier in my jammies.  I haven’t noticed any results, but I prob wouldn’t unless my lashes got freakishly long.

4.  Number 4, Clarifying Shampoo – A pet peeve of mine is mis-matched shampoo and conditioner.  I didn’t even try this because I am obsessive about having the matching conditioner to my shampoo.  Shampoo and conditioner go together, so why only send one?… It always frustrates me, but this shampoo probably werqs well.

5.  Fresh, Lotus Youth Face Cream – This cream was my beauty bonus.  The samples were little, but since there were two samples it was a nice extra.  The cream actually felt really good on my skin, silky… moisturizing but not thick.  It also smelled divine, reminding me of a honeysuckle bush.  I’d probably buy this if it weren’t $42.

Compared to my Glam Bag, this box would have been disappointing… but by itself it was fun, luxe, and exciting.  Whenever I get a sample from TheBalm, it makes my subscription worth it.  Go subscribe, you deserve a monthly gift… and the Birchbox point system rocks!

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