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The Magnifique of the Week is…… Suave’s Vibrant Shine Spray.

Shine Spray

I’m typically not a fan of shine sprays, because I don’t particularly like looking like a greasy ass rat…. however I love this spray.  I’ve actually had this for a while, but just started using it a few weeks ago.  Why am I all about Suave’s vibrant shine spray?

  • It smells divine.
  • You can actually see the small mineral bursts in the spray (so you know they’re there).
  • The texture of the Vibrant Shine Spray is perfection.
  • It’s $3.49… werq.

I never ever blow dry my hair (I damage it enough every morning with flat + curling irons), so every other night I wash my hair, use a bit of serum, and get my shine on.  When I wake up my hair has like zero frizz, and it’s easy as frock to style.  The best part… it still looks silky smooth after styling.  This spray also makes your hair look fresh when you’ve used too much dry shampoo.


Rock Out With Your Frock Out*