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My Glam Bag came this week, just in time for Valentines Day!

February Glam BagI was really excited to open it, since my week was totally sucking.  At first glance I wasn’t thrilled about the bag, I mean it’s not awful, but I’m just not that into the glossiness…. and I was expecting something pink or red for V-Day (I know, I expect wayyy too many things).

What kind of swag was all up in my bag?….

Ipsy Glam Bag

I was really disappointed at first, but I do enjoy the looks of everything (my kind of color palette).  I’m not sure if the past few bags have been extraordinarily fab, if it was me being crazy, or if the bag was actually not that thrilling, so I put it away and slept on it.  The next morning I tried everything out…

1.  Pixi, Pore Minimizing Face Primer – Def my fave thing in the bag.  I love when I get primer, because I rarely buy them (other makeup always seems like a better purchase at the time).  I loved this primer.  It was slightly tinted and really helped to even out my skin.  It went on easily and smooth, minimized imperfections, and my foundation looked flawless.  My makeup stayed put all day long when I used this primer, not a bit of eyeliner was out of place.  I highly recommend it.

2.  Coastal Scents, Eyeshadow Sample “In The Spotlight” – I was not impressed with this at first.  I’ve gotten a Coastal Scents sampler in a previous Glam Bag and wasn’t a huge fan.  The colors are beautimous, but the consistency of the shadow is not great.  The shadows are trés sheer, and it takes a fairly decent amount to actually show up on your lids.  Although I liked the colors I wasn’t convinced that they were for me, I don’t necessarily mess with yellow eyeshadow… but since it was everywhere this season…

Yellow EyeshadowI gave it a try, and got a few compliments.  I think I like yellow shadow now, but I think it’s more of a summer shade… I’ll likely get real nasty wit it this summer.

3.  MICA, Gel Eyeliner in Black – J’adore a gel eyeliner, but black is a little harsh for me, I tend to stick to chocolate browns and plums.  The liner slid right over my lids, but it was a little messy… It would be great for smudging.  It was thick, and stayed put throughout the day.  This was a nice size, but I prob won’t use it often.

4.  Lash Card – These are the worst.  I’ve gotten them in my Birchbox before and they just sit under my sink.  Who is really going to go the extra step with this cardboard card to not get mascara on their lids…. not this girl, I’d rather apply carefully.  I feel like these would be good if you’re a drag queen painting your face,

Alyssa Edwards

but not for everyday makeup application.

5.  Pop, Mascara in Smokey Black – No wonder we got a lash card this month, this mascara was a bitch to apply.  The wand was large and bulky, and it didn’t have the slightest curve in it… needless to say, I got it all over my lids.  The actual mascara wasn’t bad, but I would only use it in a mascara emergency.

February’s bag seemed to be all about eyes, and this how I werqed it…

Ipsy LookHow do you Little Frockers feel about these products?

…. and how bizarre is this murder?

Oscar PistoriusIt’s my “Oh No She Betta Don’t” of the week.  Do you Frock Stars think that Oscar shot Reeva on purpose?… I do.

Rock Out With Your Frock Out*