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Bonjour Frock Stars.  I’m shifting “One Item, Five Ways” to Wednesdays, and I thought I’d soften the blow by letting you know the crazy ish that the US Postal Service was up to this weekend.  My mailman (lady) hot boxed the shizz out of my mailbox…

BirchboxIn a good way!  Even though Birchbox has been less than thrilling recently, I’m always excited to get it.  I love getting a monthly subscription stuffed in my box… It’s like the next best thing to a tax return.  Since I didn’t really have any expectations this month, I didn’t know what to expect (pretty much anything could exceed my expectations).

February BirchboxOverall, I was pleased with the looks of everything… I love a bold color.

  • Juicey Couture, Couture La La – I actually love this scent.  Usually I find the Birchbox scents to be extremely strong (and a bit retirement center), but this one was young and fresh.  It was really light and smelled exactly like a beautimous spring garden.  You best believe I’m going to rock this until my sample runs out… which is maybe two days?
  • Secret Agent Beauty, Secret Lip Affair – This product was alright, I don’t necessarily like it… but I don’t necessarily dislike it.  I didn’t even realize this was a plumper at first, it’s not very strong.  It is nice and smooth, but I like a splash of color on my lips and this is totally clear.  It smells kinda like piña colada, which some people may enjoy… but I don’t.  I prefer my coconut to stand alone, not with pineapple.
  • TIGI, Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray –  I’m always ecstatic about hairspray… I just can’t get enough.  Hands down, my fave thing in Feb’s box.  It smells good, it held my hair pretty well, and my hair wasn’t crunchy (which is always a plus).  I enjoy receiving fancy hairspray because I wouldn’t buy it.  I stay getting down and dirty with Suave Flexible Hold Hairspray, it’s like $3… werq.
  • Twistband, Thick Headband – Just like hairspray, you can never have enough headbands.  Sometimes hair in your face can make a bitch snap, so it’s a good idea to keep a headband handy.  These are my faves because they don’t leave a nasty kink in your hair… headband kinks are the worst.
  • Ghiradelli, Milk & Caramel Square – I’ve said before that I’m always nervous about getting food in my Birchbox… I mean my Birchbox is not a fridge, and I feel like the food (that travels via mail) is always gross by the time it gets to me, especially during summer.  Regardless, I was happy with my square because they’re delish.  That was until I went to eat it…

Messy Chocolate Messy Chocolate 2

It was messy, caramel was everywhere, and I was sad and sticky.  I don’t know why Birchbox continues to include chocolate in their boxes… it always melts!

I guess February’s Birchbox was okay, I didn’t really dislike anything… except for my ruined chocolate.  Remember to check back tomorrow for “One Item, Five Ways”… and if you didn’t get my hint yesterday, here’s another…

Hint 2Try putting the two hints together.  Later Gators.

Frock Out*