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You don’t have to spend a fortune to update your closet, or put a new spin on an old look.  By incorporating little things and spending $20 here and there, you can easily create new outfits for an entire week.  Some of my go-to easy updates are scarves, belts, and jewelry.  This week, I spiced up at Forever 21.

Cheap Closet Updates

Scarves – I love scarves.  I think that they’re effortlessly chic.  Does your plain white tee look boring and drab?… Add a scarf, and you have a whole new look.  If your outfit is lacking color, you can easily throw on a bold scarf.  If it’s a chilly spring day and you don’t want to wear a jacket, scarf it down.  Bra uncomfortable?… Take it off and put on an oversized scarf.  Scarves are versatile and you can find them for nice prices at places like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Old Navy, and even Target.

Celeb Scarves

Belts – Belts are my ultimate fave accessory.  My go-to look is a slouchy dress, belted… I frock this like at least twice a week.  When the temps start to rise, I veer towards tee-shirt type dresses and belt them too.  Tee dresses are extraordinarily inexpensive and when styled the right way, you can’t even tell.  You can incorporate bright belts now by using them to cinch the waist of your neutral sweater dresses.  Later, you can use the same belt to cinch tee dresses, give shape to a flowy sundress, or hold up your cropped skinnies (crack is whack girl).  Any body type looks stunning in a belted waist.

Belted Waist

Sunnies – Fun sunnies are fresh… You know, like the Prince of Bel Air.  I think anything in a classic shape (cat-eye, oversized rounds, or square), allows you to get dirty with a fun print.  This pair of glasses look like spring to me… I think that they’ll look amaze with a denim jacket.

Fun SunglassesAre you Little Frockers excited for the Oscars tonight?  I’m a wee bit thrilled.  My wonderous evening will most likely consist of this…

My Oscars PlanI’ll faux sho watch the Red Carpet, probably do a significant amount of tweeting (holla at me @RockinAroundThe), then do a lot of flipping back and forth between the Oscars and my regular shows (that will actually air), I’ll prob eat some delicious pizza, and then finish the night off with a bit of ZzzQuil… You gotta be well rested for werq on Monday Morning.

Frock On*