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I am sooo over rainy days… But since they don’t seem to be going anywhere, I’ve been into rainy day realness.  Sometimes rain can be good, it gives you extra time in the morning, because really… Why do your hair?  Rain boots are adorabs and they’re easy to walk in.  You can even find wellies that look almost identical to riding boots, equestrian chic.  Everybody looks good in a trench, and what you’re wearing underneath (as long as you can keep your jacket on) doesn’t matter.  When I encounter a rainy day that won’t go away, I like to rock cozy lightweight sweaters and worn in skinnies.  I also werq the shizz out of sock buns and they’re beyond easy to create.  When you top a knot off with a headband, it’s fierce… The perfect solution to frizzy fiasco.  When it rains, it pours.

Rainy Day Mood Board

Here’s a few of my fave rainy day realness looks…

Rainy Day Looks

A bald Britney always makes my day better.

Now, take a hint…

HintCan you frock stars guess what I’ll be doing for “One Item, Five Ways” this week?

If you wanna talk dirty about the Oscars Fashion Police tonight, holler @RockinAroundThe

Frock Off*