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J’adore cap-toe shoes, but I hate spending dollaz on them.  Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect shoe to go with your ensemble… That’s where cap-toes come in to the picture.  It’s easy as frock to DIY a new pair of shoes.  Have a few scuffs?… Cover them with a cap-toe.  Drab flats?… Make them fab with a bold cap-toe.  So bust a cap in yo azz girl.

Cap Toe Shoes

Here’s what you need:


  • Nail Polish or Fabric Paint.  I like to use nail polish because I think it settles better… just like a manicure.  However, paint doesn’t chip.
  • A brush of some sort.  I like to use an eyeshadow brush or old nail polish brush
  • Painting tape or scotch tape.
  • Old shoes (faux leather seems to werq best).

Old ShoesI’ve successfully capped pointy-toe heels with ease… I recommend them for first timers.  Since I had a pretty good success rate with heels, I thought I’d try an old flat.

Let’s Get It Started In Here:

DIY Cap-ToeTake a piece (or two) of tape and section off the cap.  Make sure that the tape is securely in place.  Once the tape is positioned, paint a thin layer of nail polish or paint over the cap.  When painting, pretend this shoe is your nail.  You want to keep the brush strokes all in the same direction, and don’t you dare go over an area until it has dried completely.  After the first layer has been painted, remove the tape immediately (exactly like you would do with a half-moon manicure)… If you wait until the paint/polish dries to peel the tape off, your lovely new cap will peel off too.  Once the first coat has dried, apply a second.  Once the second layer has dried, apply a layer of Essie’s Good To Go top coat (or anything else similar).  I’ve found that the top coat sets the cap while keeping it glossy.

Relax And Take Notes:

DIY Cap-Toe ShoesOk, so my flat cap-toe is totally a Monet… Only fierce from far away.  Where did I go wrong?

  • I chose a shoe with a bulky embellishment.  I thought I’d be able to maneuver around it, instead I made a painty mess.
  • I forgot to peel my tape off right away, thus causing the peel effect.  When I remembered to peel my tape off, some of the paint came with it.
  • I tried to even out the paint… Before it was dry.  And this is when the shizz hit the fan.  I could have fixed the other two problems with a top coat… But there was no going back after this one.  I tried to smooth out a paint bump with more paint, all this did was cause a clumpy catastrophe, patience is a virtue and I really need to get some.

I hope you’ve learned from my bads.  Your cap-toe shoesies are sure to be a success if you take my advice.  Now, put on your thinking cap, and gets ta werq.

Frock Hard*