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It’s Mood Board Monday (and I haven’t done a mood board in a hot minute), but I just got my Glam Bag and wanted to do review while it was still fresh.  I don’t even know what I’m into right now anyway because one day it’s snowing, and the next day it’s sixty degrees… I need another week to get my shizz together.  Luckily for me, I was saved by the bag.

Ipsy Glam Bag

I had pretty high expectations for my March Glam Bag, because last months was less than thrilling… And I wanted exciting new spring products.  J’adore the actual bag.  I love a nautical print this time of year.  I would actually use this to hold my on-the-go makeup.  Did the contents live up to their expectations?

March Glam BagNot for me.  I wasn’t impressed with March’s products at all.  Here’s the low down…

  • Juice Beauty, Hydrating Mist – I enjoy a good facial mist.  They’re great if you werq in an office all day, after a werq out, if you partied too hard the night before, or if you put on too much foundation (it kind of weakens it so you can blend the frock out of your face).  This mist was a nice size and the packaging was clean + simple (sometimes I’m down with a little simplicity).  However, it smells like some sort of stoner or hippie.  I’m not sure what it is, but it reminds me of someone in an old maxi skirt with wavy hair selling incense.  I can live with the smell until the sample runs out, but it’s not my kind of scent.
  • LA Fresh, Makeup Remover Wipes – You can never have enough facial wipes.  I was pleased with these, just unimpressed.  They werq just fine and I like the packaging, but when it comes to facial wipes… I’m loyal to the Yes To brand (I love them all, cucumber, blueberry, grapefruit, and tomato).  I guess I was just kind of indifferent to these wipes.
  • Yarby, Eyeshadow – I received two eyeshadow samples, and they’re probably my least favorite type of sample.  Typically, the shadows are sooo tiny that you can’t get much use out of them.  I also always seem to make a mess with shadow samples… Maybe it’s the packaging (or maybe I’m just sloppy).  Both of these samples were really small.  I received the colors Seashell (on the bottom), and Azalea Petal (on the top).  I did put the shadows on to show you, but both of them were so sheer that you could hardly see them, so I scratched that.  I do like that they’re sheer, because I can give my lids a splash of color (while being appropriate) during the day.  I just wish that eyeshadow samples came as their own little palette, not in plastic that gets jacked up when you open it.
  • GlamRX, Compact? – I’m really not sure what this is.  It could be a compact, it could be a palette, or it could be used to stash little things.  At first, I thought this was a pill holder, maybe it is but I highly doubt it.  I mean, it has a mirror so I think it’s supposed to be some sort of palette.  It’s also magnetic, so it stays closed… Which is a plus if you have something messy inside.  I ended up putting all of my little eyeshadow samples in here, but if anyone knows what really goes in this compact, fill a sista in.

I know that my review is trés bitchy, but I set the bar wayyy to high.  I’m also not in the best mood because my well-behaved pug tore her ACL and had to get surgery…

Elle's Stupid Cast

And I’m not happy about this cast.  The vet should’ve chosen something cooler…. And given me a wig/weave for her bald spot.

Anyway, all of these products are still amazing for $10, I’m just ridiculously picky.  I also think Ipsy spoiled me with previous bags.  What did you Frock Stars get in your bags?  Do you like any of these products?

Frock It To Me*

BTW, I just went to spell check this post, and the spell checker wanted me to change Hydrating Mist to Gyrating Mist… This is the best thing that came out of this months Glam Bag.