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I love a sweater skirt and the casual vibe they give off.  To make your own easy sweater skirt, start off with an old sweater… the bulkier the better!

Next, take a pair of fabric scissors (or really sharp regular ones) and cut your sweater straight across, right under the arms.

Make An Old Sweater Into A SkirtYou should now have two pieces.  You can throw the top half away… or save it if you want to make mittens or something.

Take the top portion of the skirt, and cut a 1 – 1 1/2 inch slit along the seam.  This will be your waist band.

DIY Sweater SkirtRemember, don’t cut too deep because this will fold over and the skirt will shorten.

Turn your skirt inside out and place a thin line of fabric glue along the entire top edge of the skirt, fold down, and press firmly along the glue line (I like to take a fat sharpie and press around, so my hands don’t get messy).  Make sure you press firmly, instead of rubbing around.  If you spread the glue around, you may not be able to insert a waist band.

Quick HemSince fabric glue doesn’t hold up extraordinarily well, I like to go in once it dries and do a quick stitch along the bottom of the band.  When you’re working with chunky knits, you don’t have to sew in a straight line at all.

Quick SewYou need to find something stretchy to use as a waist band like elastic.  I like to use an old bandage skirt from Forever 21 as my waist band (for a variety of things).  I got this skirt for like $5, wore it out once, and regretted it.

Attach the waistband to something that you can guide through the waist of your skirt.  Most people use safety pins, but bobby pins and paper clips work too.

Waist BandWhen you’ve successfully gotten your waist band into the correct place, tie it a knot and cut off the excess fabric.

Easy DIY Sweater SkirtSew the waist band together to cover up the knot.

When your skirt’s finished, wear it wth everything.