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So, I was excited to get my Birchbox this week.

BirchboxAnd then I was sad when I opened it.

March Birchbox

I really need to lower my expectations, but they sky rocketed after last months box.  Here’s my break down…

  • Nick Chavez, Color Saver Sulfate Free Shampoo – I’ll start off with the good… This shampoo was pretty big for a sample size, it would probably last for maybe ten washes.  I like the packaging, it looks fresh and clean.  The shampoo also smells divine, I love the scent.  Ok, now for the bad… I don’t like getting a lonely shampoo, just send the matching conditioner Birchbox.  I didn’t like the texture of this shamp, it was chunky, and it didn’t lather well.  I would only use this in a shampoo emergency… You know, like when you’re completely out of shampoo.
  • Whish, Shave Crave Shaving Cream – This was a decent size, and the packaging was adorbs.  It looks really chic sitting in your shower.  I actually liked the consistency of this shaving cream, and it didn’t dry my skin at all.  After using, my skin felt extremely smooth and hydrated.  OMG but the scent was awful.  This smelled like a blue ice cream that you would get from the ice cream man, that melted all over your hands.  I hated this scent, it just smelled blue… Not blueberry, but like blue dye.  And I couldn’t get the scent off of my hands, so I kept getting whiffs of it all day long.  Had this shaving cream been a crisp lemon scent, I would’ve loved it.
  • Make, Face Primer – Not much to say about this one.  The sample was sooo little, a perfume sample is bigger.  I’ll get two uses out of it maximum.  This primer werqed fairly well, and it smelled like baby sunblock (which I enjoy).  Although I liked it, it wasn’t my fave.  When it comes to primer, I prefer Pixi or Mirabella.
  • Make, Eyeshadow – I got the color “Cement”.  First of all, I’m completely turned off by the name cement.  There is nothing pretty about cement, so why the hell would I want to put that color on my face?  The packaging of this shadow was really cute though, I wish all eyeshadow samples came like this.  The “Cement” color was just as bad as I expected.  It’s like a greyish green that would make anyone that uses it look sick, or like they got punched in the eye.  I can’t even think of a skin tone that this would look good on.  Oh wait, yes I can… A ghost in The Sixth Sense.  I wasn’t a fan of the consistency either, very sheer and translucent.
  • Madewell, Emery Board – Yes, this was pretty.  However, I’m just not impressed with a nail file.  I don’t like to do my own nails (because I do a horrific job), and this is almost too pretty to use.

I know, this was a complete box of whine… But I’m still not going to unsubscribe.  I just can’t do it.  Even if I don’t like anything in my box, it gives me something to look forward to every month.  Next month is bound to be better.

What did you Little Frockers get in your Birchboxes?

Frock On*