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Here’s my five faves and a bust of the week.

1. Covergirl Outlast, Nail Polish in Lav-Endure

Covergirl Outlast Lav-Endure

I’ve been looking for the perfect lavender or lilac nail polish for a few weeks, and I’ve finally found it.  Light purple is just wayyy more stylish than pink.  I really like this color because it’s very light, the polish is opaque, and it has a nice glossy finish.  Two coats of this, and my nails look like a fresh gel mani.  I was impressed with this polish.

2. Bumble And Bumble, Surf Spray 

Surf SprayThe best part about warmer weather is imperfect messy hair.  J’adore when beachy waves come back in style every year… It cuts down my getting ready time by at least thirty minutes.  This Bumble And Bumble spray is the best I’ve ever come across.  Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but you won’t find a better product.

3. Bath & Body Works, Lilac Blossom Candle 

BBW CandlesI cannot stand an apple cinnamon or sugar cookie candle this time of year.  When spring finally arrives, I like my house to smell like herbs (like basil, not a blunt) and flowers.  This is by far my fave floral scent.  Lilacs are so fresh, and so fabulous.

4. Victoria’s Secret, Self Tanning Cooling Gel

Self TannerI’m trying to not use tanning beds this year (we’ll see how long that lasts… maybe one week) because they’re so horrific for your skin, so I’m getting down and dirty with a faux glow.  Last year Victoria’s Secret had a sickening bronzing spray that gave me a realistic glow, but they made over their entire tanning line this year.  I figured I’d try it out anyway, it’s probably the same thing in a new bottle… But this product was totally new.  I’m in love with it.  It gives a realistic glow, you instantly look tan after you apply, and it doesn’t smell bad.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Jergens gradual tan… But when I want instant results, VS never lets me down.

5. Wedges

Floral WedgesWedges are a warm weather must.  Pumps are not comfy or fun when you have schweddy balls… Balls of your feet, duh.  Wedges give you the same height and elongating effect that heels do, but they’re much easier to walk in.  J’adore this wedge from Forever 21.

Just Don’t of The Week

Self Check OutIf I’m using the self checkout, get off my ass until I’m finished.  I can’t stand when I’m still waiting for a receipt or I have to put my stuff in a bag, and some idiot starts scanning their shizz.  I also hate it when people are like breathing down your neck, rushing you.  Just don’t do that.  Wait patiently, because sometimes a bitch snaps.

What are you Frock Stars into this week?… What are you over?

Frock N Roll*