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As much as I love my sweater dresses, I’m totally over winter.  I’m ready for florals, pastels, color, and sun.  My fave pastel of them all is most def mint.  Mint flatters all skin tones, it’s different, and it can still be viewed as profesh (unlike pinks).  This glorious green werqs during spring and throughout summer, trés chic.  Mint looks sickening everywhere… Nails, clothes, shoes, accessories, and a minty color correcter hides facial redness.  Get the hint, frock mint.

MintIt’s also scientifically and mathematically proven that mint will make you look amazing.  Class is in session hunty, here’s some simple science and mental math to help you learn the magic of mint…

PastelsExhibit A –   I love Lindsay (who doesn’t love a train wreck), but in this first picture she looks like a member of Aerosmith… This not a good look for anyone.  LiLo then put on a minty dress and gave us glamour.

Mint GreenExhibit B –  Crying in public is bad news bears.  Has Kim learned nothing from Abby Lee?… Save those tears for your pillow girl.  The only way to recover from a televised meltdown is with a good blow out, phat ass, and mint.

So, the lesson here is… If you’re crying, partied too hard, got no sleep, or did something embarrassing in pubic, just put on mint.  Mint tea also soothes the stomach.

Now, take a hint…


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