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This week I’ve been into a lot of body products.  You most certainly don’t want to be ashy when it’s time to show a little skin… Have you learned nothing from Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha?  So, take five to freshen up that epidermis, clean a bit, have a snack, and even throw some shade with me.

1. Carols Daughter, Shea Soufflé’s

Carols DaughterMy skin has been so dry recently.  I tried to fix it by using vaseline as lotion… I ended up  being a greasy mess (and my hair was really gross).  My Madre gave me a Carols Daughter soufflé, and I’ve become obsessed.  My skin’s never been softer, this shizz hydrates you without being heavy, like butta.  Warm weather perfection, and it kind of makes your skin glisten… Werq.

2. Garnier BB Cream

Garnier BB Cream

Yeah, I know… I’m late.  I’ve never tried Garnier’s BB cream because I heard awful things about it.  I had read everywhere that this made your skin ridiculously greasy, but since my skin’s been dry, I thought it was time to try it out.  I actually prefer this to other BB creams that I’ve been using.  I liked the texture, it was a wee bit greasy (I would steer clear if you have oily skin) but it blended well.  I also really liked the color, au naturale.

3. Organix, Teatree Mint Body Wash

Organix Body Wash

I’ve always liked Organix hair products, and my bro spotted this when we were at Giant (we live together).  We decided to try it as a buddy wash (you know, share it…lol) to see if we liked it.  I always wonder why the hell nobody makes mint body wash during warmer seasons… You always see peppermint washes pop up around Christmas, and when I use them during winter they just make me cold.  On a warm day, (or even after a werq out) a minty tingle is everything.  This also lathered amazingly well, you can use it in place of shaving cream.

4. Mint Milano’s

Mint MilanoThis has been my snack of the week.  I really don’t have much else to say, I just love them.  I tend to love anything mint… Coffee, snacks, beauty products, even the color.

5.  Cleaning My Shoes In The Dishwasher

Clean Shoes In The DishwasherI accidentally discovered this last year.  I chose really ridiculous shoes to walk my dog in, and when we got back to the house they were a mess.  I believe the shoes were strappy Roxy sandals, they had a faux leather finish (so they were waterproof).  I was in a rush getting ready for werq, and I was about to start the dishwasher… So I just shoved them in there.  When it was time to unload, my shoes looked brand new.  I’ve been washing all of my shoes in the dishwasher ever since (unless they’re real leather)… Even my suede shoes seem to be fine in there.  I like this better than putting them in the washing machine because they don’t bang all around.  This is probably one of the best ideas I’ve ever had.

Just Don’t of The Week

gleeWhat the frock has happened to this show?  It used to be really good, and really funny.  Now it’s pathetic.  The new kids have nothing on the Glee graduates, their singing isn’t great, their dancing is embarassing, and I don’t find any of them remotely appealing (except for maybe small Puckerman).  I think I’m going to have to remove Glee from my DVR, because every time I sit down to watch it I fast forward through almost everything.  The Glee kids went through high school too fast, there are no more guest stars, and the songs suck.  Do yourself a favor and just don’t watch Glee anymore, it’s easily the worst show I watch… And I watch a lot of crap (like any reality show).

What are you Frock Stars in to this week?  Since I’ve totally sucked at posting this past week, I’ll be doing a lil giveaway on Weds… So, be sure to check back then.

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