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I have an opinion on everything, and it’s typically ridiculous.  So, I’m going to test a new topic called “My Two Sents”.  I’ll simply state a few topics that I came across this week, and give you the first two sentences that pop into my head (get it, two sents?)… Werq.  Let’s gets ta frockin…

The Amanda Bynes Imposter

Amanda ImposterThis is clearly Amanda Bynes and girlfriend has lost it.  What’s unclear is whether or not this is a wig, weave, or awful dye job.

Jimmy Fallon Replacing Jay Leno

Fallon LenoAlthough I would’ve loved to see a funny lady (Tina Fey), Jimmy Fallon cracks me up.  Hurry up spring 2014.

Abby Lee Going Continental

Asia Dance MomsI am sooo over Maddy and McKenzie, they’re too whiny + fake for me.  Little Asia is fierce as frock, can’t wait for next week.

EJ Johnson Coming Out

Magic Johnson's SonYou go with your bad self EJ.  Once you go black, you never go back hunty.

Kim Kardashian’s Maternity Looks

Kardashian Marshmallow

Pull yourself together Kim, you’re too hot to be a marshmallow.  This look is a wreck, it’s like what you wear if you werq at Mideval Times.

Bruised LiLo 

Bruised LiLoLooks like Linds had a rough night.  Rehab can do a body good, get there quick.

So, did you Frock Stars like my two sents?  Should I make it a weekly occurrence?  If you dig it, leave a comment or tweet me @RockinAroundThe with new topics for next week.

Rock Out With Your Frock Out*