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Here’s what I was into this week… And what I wasn’t.

1.  Garnier 3 Minute Undo 

Garnier 3 Minute UndoI think (definitely) that I managed to burn my hair this week… I straighten and curl it a lot.  After I washed my hair, it was making me gag and I couldn’t get the burning smell out.  So, I put my hair in a pony and was like, oh shit I’ve gotta get a mask (or a wig) pronto.   I saw this at Rite Aid, and picked it up.  It was amazing.  This mask totally transformed my hair, and it had a grainy texture… Which I loved, it was like scalp exfoliant.  My hair doesn’t smell burnt anymore, and it’s soft as frock.

2.  Fabio-ing

Fabio-ingRemebs when Nicolas Caging was all the rage?  Then Samuel L. Jacksoning was cool for a hot minute.  If you need a refresher go here.  Well at my office, we Fabio.  Fabio just may be the greatest person to plaster all over other people’s stuff.  Seriously, how can you not have a good day when you see this?  He is a beautiful man, with beautiful hair.

3.  Statement Pearls

Pearl NecklaceDuring spring, a pearl necklace is the perfect accessory… And I’m not talking the Urban Dictionary kind (get your head out of the gutter).  I can’t stand the typical strand of pearls, but I love a statement necklace.  Right now, I’m all about pearl necklaces that look like collars.  They’re perfection… Werq.  This one’s from Forever 21.

4.  Essie’s Pretty Edgy

Essie Pretty EdgySometimes I get really sick of pastels… I’m just to cool for them.  I came across this color when I got a manni this week, and at first I was nervous.  I was scared it was going to be really St. Patrick’s Day, and not chic.  However, I love it.  It’s a perfect spring/summer green.  J’adore a bold shade.

5.  My Flowers Blooming 

FlowersI love when my flowers bloom.  It makes me go outside and get my yard together, because it’s a hot ass mess.  After I do my outdoor clean up, I go to the happiest place on earth… Home Depot (because no matter what, you’re always the prettiest girl there), and I get new herbs for my herb garden, Elvis Parsley.  It always smells divine when I have fresh herbs outside, and you never know when you will need emergency basil, or oregano, or mint, or rosemary, or dill…

Just Dont of The Week

DickiesJust don’t wear a dickey (you know, a faux shirt).  I was unaware that anyone wore dickey’s besides my grandmother, and I saw this while browsing necklaces at Forever21.  What the hell, this is most certainly not a necklace.  It wouldn’t even look good under a sweater, if  I found out that someone I was with was wearing a dickey… I would die laughing.  If you want a collar, put on a freaking shirt and deal with the excess baggage… But keep in mind, a little cleave never hurts.

What are you Frock Stars into this week?  What did you think was busted?

Frock On*