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This week’s DIY is sweet, easy, and I’m going to kill two birds with one stone.  Those birds are ugly frocks, and lazy hair.  I recently bought an adorable pink glue gun from JoAnn’s, and I’ve been obsessed with gluing anything I can.  This new obsession has actually werqin out for me quite well, because my specialty has been bows… And luckily, bows happen to be right on trend.  They’re everywhere this spring!  Let’s throw some bows at busted frocks first.

I went into my closet and found a dress that I hate… I seem to have a lot of those.

Ugly Dress I actually like the print on this dress, but I hate the shape.  I’m fairly short so maxi’s (and I’m not talking pads with wings hunty) can easily swallow me up.  The bottom ruffle on this dress is weird, and I felt fat the one time I wore this.  You’re going to see 3 more installments of DIY involving this dress, so don’t fret… I didn’t waste all this fabric on a bow.

Once you chose the fabric that you want to use (you could even buy some), you’ll have a gorge accessory in ten minutes.  All you need is a rectangle of fabric, another strip of fabric (approx the size of your pointer finger), and fabric glue.


1.  Start off with a rectangle of fabric.  Size can vary, depending on how large you want your bow.  Since I had a lot going on with this dress, I didn’t have much to werq with so I made a fairly small bow.

2.  Fold the top and the bottom edges in until you’re happy with the size, and glue them.  This gives you a nice clean edge.

3.  Repeat with the two sides.

4.  Pinch the middle of your rectangle, so it forms a bow-like shape.  Dab the pinch with a bit of fabric glue, and wrap your smaller strip of fabric around to hold the pinch in place.  Cut off the excess fabric.  You now have a pretty bow, you can glue it to a barrette, bobby pin, necklace, shirt pocket, belt… Anything your little heart desires.

Whenever anything is a mess putting a bow on it always helps, like a bad gift wrapping job, or your hair…

Hair Bows

I fry the shizz out of my hair all week long, and when the weekend arrives I try to give it a break.  Here are a few occasions when a hair bow can turn it out…

  • When you just woke up and need a coffee.  Throw your hair in a pony, slip into a sundress, put on sunglasses, and get yo azz to Starbucks.
  • When you’re hungover and meeting someone for brunch.  Don’t even bother brushing that rat’s nest, back-comb your hair like whoa, sock bun it, put a bow underneath, and drink a Pedialyte.
  • When you’re going on a hot date but your hair won’t cooperate.  Tease the crown of your head, and clip the sides back with a bow.
  • If you’re starring in a porno.  You can rock pigtails and put a bow at the top of each one.
  • You need to take your dog to the park.  It’s easy to werq a roughed up fishtail braid, and take a bow.
  • And finally, if your alarm doesn’t go off and you have five minutes to get ready for werq or school, do this…..

Easy UpdoYou don’t need to straighten, curl, or even brush.  I like this look with volume at the crown, or a few face framing pieces pulled out.  This easy updo is sophisticated from all angles, takes three minutes, and it’s fierce as hell with a smokey eye.

What else do you Frock Stars want me to turn my ugly dress into?  Holla at me and let me know.

Frock You*