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J’adore last weeks feedback, so I’m making “My Two Sents” a weekly occurrence.  Every week I’ll flash you a few current events (according to moi), and give you the first two sentences that pop into my head.

The Biebs New Haircut

Biebs HaircutWhat the frock Justin, you’re jockin Miley’s style (that she stole from Pink).  Lez be honest, this would look better on a power lesbian (Tabatha Coffey) or fierce model (Agyness Deyn).

LiLo’s Letterman Appearance

Lohan LettermanThis bitch can act.  Linds served up some of the best crocodile tears I’ve ever seen, and I love her dress.

Pumped Up Ferrets

Poodle RatsCompletely mental, what kind of sick freak comes up with an idea like this.  Not to mention, the ferret looks like a rat in a dog costume.

Liger (Lindsey + Tiger)

The Masters - Round OneI don’t care for either of these two.  Please get out of my news, and back to ESPN pronto.

Kathy Cancelled

KathyI thought Kathy was hysterical, and I’m slightly depressed that I won’t see “Explain This” ever again.  Bring back “The D-List” Bravo… And upgrade the name to The “B-List”.

Orlando Jones As Madea

MadeaHow the hell are you going to make a Madea movie without the real Madea?  This ruins the Madea Christmas movie for me, and I’m going to go watch Madea Goes To Jail now… And cry.

Want to hear my opinion on more current events?  Kim Jong Un?  Farrah’s porno?  Buckwild’s cancellation?… Leave a comment or tweet me @RockinAroundThe

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