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It’s that time of the month again… You know, for monthly subscriptions!  Did my glam bag please me this month?


Yes!  I don’t even remember what I got last month, but I remember it sucked.  So, this month I pretty much had no expectations.  Had I had any, Ipsy would’ve exceeded them.  Anyway, I’m obsessed with this bag.  It is exactly what I think of when I think about warm weather… Crisp white paired with bold colors.  I have a Coach bag that looks extremely similar to this, but I never use it because I’m scared to get it dirty.  Since I pretty much don’t go anywhere except for the office during weekdays, I think it’s time to get over my getting white dirty fear.  Even if there was an artistic nude of Kirstie Alley and a used headband in here, I would’ve been okay with that because I love this bag (and nudity).  Did I get a nude celeb photo inside?…

No, but here’s a breakdown of the contents.

1.  Mica Beauty, Shimmer Powder in Earth

Mica Shimmer PowderLove.  I have a similar powder by Nyx, but I def prefer this one.  I like the color, it’s kind of rose gold-ish and it pairs well with my translucent skin.  J’adore a pigmented powder for lazy pool/beach days.  Powders don’t sweat like eyeliner, and they still bring out your eyes.  This was also fairly large, maybe even full-sized.

2.  Healthy Sexy Hair, Soy Renewal

Sexyhair Soy RenewalWhat an adorable bottle, this would look sickening in anyone’s hair care collection.  I’m a little unsure as to what this actually is, on the bottle it says treatment, but the texture was the same as a serum.  Regardless, it smells amazing… it reminds me of vacation.  I do like this product and I’ll totes use up the sample, but I never buy Sexy Hair shizz… I’d rather spend $ on clothes.

3.  Be A Bombshell, Blush in Sweet Cheeks

Be A BombshellThis was full-sized, and I was extraordinarily pleased.  I love the color, and I’ve been really into blushes recently.  The blush was a light pink with a hint of shimmer, it gives you dewy skin.  Although the blush contains shimmer, it still looks natural when blended correctly.  The compact is cute too.

4.  Miss Nail Polish, Of Corset I’ll Call You

SationThe polish itself was like super-sized, and quite frankly, I’d be happier with a super-sized McMuffin.  I liked the color in the bottle, and it’s a good quality nail polish, but I don’t like it on me.  The pink is ridiculously sheer, like the color you would get with a french mani.  A huge pet peeve of mine is when you can see the whites of your nail underneath of nail polish, and with this shade you can.  I had to apply two really thick coats, and then they just chipped.  I like opaque but glossy nail colors, this was a good nail polish… but not for me.

Why is this review more positive than usual?  Did someone hijack my page?  No, I’m sitting here double fisting…

Double FistingI also slept in today, and nothing has pissed me off yet (that could change at any moment).

What did you Frock Stars get in your bags?  Did you like?  And now it’s time for a very serious question… I went shopping this week, does anyone want to see a clothing haul post?  If you do, leave a comment or tweet me @RockinAroundThe

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