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Here’s what I was into this week… And what I wasn’t.

1.  Victoria’s Secret Italian Bergamot Mist

Italian BergamotI’ve been in a scent rut recently, and I just didn’t know what I wanted to smell like.  I know I like woodsy scents during fall and winter, and I like things with lavender in them during spring and summer… but they’re hard to find, and never smell like actual lavender.  I ordered this mist and I didn’t really know what to expect, all the reviews that I read were mixed.  I absolutely love it, it smells like a clean spring garden.  The only thing that sucks is that it’s a limited edition, so once Victoria’s Secret runs out, I’ll probably never see this scent again.  I better stock up now.

2.  Wholly Guacamole

Wholly GuacamoleI seriously think that I talk about guacamole at least once every day… It’s my fave food ever.  I’m a busy ass bee, so I like to snack and go.  The 100 calorie packs are like my idea of perfection.  This is how I eat them in my every day life (because I know you’re curious)…

  • Sometimes I take a pack to werq along with a small bag of tortilla chips, or baby carrots.
  • When I’m hungry after werq I’ll mix a pack with fresh chunky salsa… and I usually end up eating this as a meal.
  • When I have time, I’ll count out 9 tostito scoop chips, set them up on a plate, and fill each scoop with a dollop of guac.  Then I’ll top them off with a sprinkle of cheese… It’s a very tedious snack.
  • If I’m eating chicken tacos, I add a pack of wholly guac to them to make each one perfect.
  • When there’s leftover chicken taco meat, I make a taco salad… and top it off with wholly guac (I don’t eat ground beef, so that’s why my tacos are chicken).

3.  Starbucks Refreshers

Starbucks RefreshersI tried my first refresher this week, and I enjoyed it.  Sometimes (every day) I need an afternoon boost of energy, but when it’s hot I don’t want coffee.  Even iced coffee can feel heavy on scorching days.  Refreshers happen to be the perfect drink on days like that (or after a night of drinking).  Refreshers are supposed to have a natural boost of energy, but I’m going to go ahead and call bullshit on that… it tastes good though.  I like the cool lime one best.

4.  Goody Quikstyle Brush

Goody QuikstyleI picked this brush up at Target last week, because I accidentally sat my curling wand on my brush and melted it.  I think I need a fire safety class, because I also managed to set my oven on fire this week (but my ovens okay now, I cleaned it yesterday).  Anyway, this brush is summertime perfection.  J’adore the bits of towel-like fabric mixed into the bristles.  It doesn’t necessarily help dry your hair the way that it claims, but it does soak up a lot of excess water.  If you’re going to be at the pool, beach, or boating, I would keep one of these handy.  I don’t like this as an everyday brush, but every time I get this weave wet you best believe I’m using the quikstyle to brush it.

5.  Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad In Coral Oasis

MaybellineI’ve featured a similar eyeshadow quad before, because these are my fave drugstore eyeshadows.  The wet/dry aspect makes them ideal when it gets warmer… you do not want to be sweating your eyeshadow off.  These shadows don’t crease, and they stay put all day.  This grouping of colors is sickening, they all blend easily with each other.  The shades are superb for all skin tones, and I like the pop of yellow in this quad.  Give your eyes a yellow rim job, and you’re serving up beach chic hunty.


Km Jong ZukoKim Jong Un does not deserve to be a part of my top five, but I’m obsessed with this picture.  I practically died when I saw this.  Really?… An out of control, psychotic, horrific world leader was in his high school production of Grease!  How can we take him seriously now.

Just Dont of The Week

Deleted Emails Don't DeleteI hate that when you delete your emails they don’t really delete.  Why?  If I thought I might need an email, then I’ll put it in a special folder… not delete it.  If I do delete an email I need, then it’s my fault and I would ask the sender to resend.  I can’t stand virtual clutter.  I shouldn’t have to delete my emails, and then go delete them again.  This is stupid, and it makes me mad.

In other news, I haven’t watched the MTV movie awards in years, but I’m excited for them tonight.  I love me some Rebel Wilson…

?????????No matter what she says, it’s funny.  So that’s where I’ll be tonight… In front of my tv, with my pugs, in pj’s, probably eating guacamole.  If you wanna chat during, tweet me @RockinAroundThe

Frock Out*