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Here’s what I was into this week… And what I wasn’t.

1.  Root Awakening Shampoo + Conditioner

Root AwakeningI switch up my shampoos and conditioners a lot, and this is one that I always come back to.  I’m not extremely loyal to it because it’s freakin expensive, and the bottles are fairly small.  Whenever I come across the 30% more bottles, I have to pick them up.  I forgot how much I love this shamp + condish, it feels like your head is smoking a menthol cigarette, or breathing in vapor rub.  My scalp always feels so fresh and so clean clean.  It also cools you like whoa, if you’re hot.  The color in my hair doesn’t fade, and my hair always feels really healthy after using this shampoo and conditioner.  I love the Root Awakening line.

2.  Banana Boat’s Summer Color

Banana Boat

I know, I have a different fave faux glow every week… but seriously, this one is the best (until I find a new one next week).  A few weeks ago Glamour mag tweeted a list of the best products under $10, and this was one of them.  I’ve been looking for it everywhere, and I finally found one lonely bottle at Target.  This sunless tanner claims that all skin tones can use the same formula, and it will faux glow your skin as dark as it can go.  I put it on before bed, and woke up tan.  This shizz really does look natural, and it seriously makes you tan.  On top of the color being amazing, the lotion doesn’t smell, and it didn’t leave a trace of orange on my clothes.  I’ve been using this tanner all week, and I’m almost out.  Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere now… I may have to order online, because Jergens gradual tan ain’t got shit on this.

3.  Organix, Moroccan Argan Oil


Just like shampoo, I have absolutely no loyalty to hair products.  I do tend to gravitate towards Organix serums and oils, but I just haven’t been able to really stick with one.  I don’t even remember what I was using before, but I was sick of it and I liked the look of this bottle… so I got it.  I’m down with the consistency of this oil, it’s more of an oil based serum than an oil though.  After using, my hair’s soft and non greasy.  This is one of the better Organix products that I’ve tried (until I’m tired of it next week).

4.  E.L.F. Jumbo Sticks

ELF Jumbos

I always like to try out new E.L.F. products because they’re cheap.  You can buy like 10 products for under $20, that’s an entire beauty haul.  I love most of their makeup with the exception of foundation (the coverage sucks).  I don’t know if I’m late learning about these sticks or if they’re new, but when I saw the lip pencil I was hoping it would be similar to the Revlon balm stains.  As I was picking out a few lip colors, I saw an eyeshadow stick too… I normally hate cream based shadows because they tend to crease on me, but it was $2 so why not try it.  I got the lip color Pink Umbrella, and I love it.  The shade is similar to my natural lip color, it stays put for a few hours, and it smells like mint.  I’m totes going to start getting these jumbo lip sticks instead of Revlon stains.  My shadow stick was in the shade Little Miss Thing.  J’adore the color, it’s a golden champagne that appears natural with a twist.  I did like the shadow stick, but towards the end of the day it seemed to fade off.  The shadow sticks are perfect for the pool or beach… or whenever you want to look good, but don’t want to werq a full face.

5.  Body Scrub

Body ScrubI know it sounds weird, but exfoliating is one of my favorite things (for rizzle).  I love the way my skin feels after exfoliating.  My fabulous office manager made this body scrub (which I think she should sell on Etsy), but when I don’t have this sickening potion, I use St. Ives apricot scrub.  You gotta keep that epidermis smooth for summer, nobody wants to see an ashy mess.

Just Dont of The Week

Just don’t get over involved in the news… I did, and it took over my life this week.

Just Don'tI totally turned into Nancy Grace this week, and became obsessed with CNN after the Boston Tragedy.  Every day I thought about staying home from werq to watch the news, I snapped whenever someone tried to change the channel, and I didn’t even watch ANY of my reality TV (not even Drag Race).  I came home from werq, turned on CNN, had Buzzfeed open on my computer, and Yahoo news on my phone… Someone really should’ve done an intervention.  I didn’t even clean my oven (that I accidentally set on fire last week) because I was too busy being a reporter, and I had to eat weird shit like salsa and chips for breakfast + dinner because I couldn’t use the oven.  Being a concerned citizen was nice of me, but my CNN obsession was out of hand.  After they caught Suspect #2, I had to use my 5 G’s… Good God Girl Get A Grip.  I guess I’ll go clean my oven, and pull myself together now…  Thinking of you Boston ❤

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