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I’m not typically into vintagey or retro looks, but lately I’ve been living for retro inspired pieces.  Retro headwraps, polka dots, and 50’s silhouettes have been all over the place, and I’m loving it.  These looks are adorbs for spring and summer (flippy skirts) with a modernized smokey eye.  Plus, nothing says fabulous like a floppy hat and huge sunnies (à la Rachel Zoe)… Trés chic.

Retro Inspired

Taylor Swift’s wardrobe has become sickening.  Taylor Swift Retro

With her new straight hair, Taylor totes transformed.  The look on the right is drop dead gorge.

When Nicole Richie dumped Paris Hilton, she became a fashion icon (same with Kim K…).

Nicole Richie RetroNicole serves high and waisted like no other.  She can also werq a weave… and some big ass sunnies like whoa.

Retr-Oh No…

Retro Gone WrongRemebs when Mischa Barton was fierce, back in The OC days?… Girlfriend has really let herself go.  This dress could be cute on its own, but the vest ruins the entire look.  I think she bought this vest at baby gap, it’s like 5 sizes too small.  The boxiness of the vest doesn’t blend well with the flowy aspects of the dress.  A drapey knit vest would’ve turned this outfit out… Along with loose waves, big sunnies, a floppy hat, and a chunky statement necklace.

Now, take a hint…

Eye PatchCan you guess what I’m DIY-ing this week?

In other news…

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon was arrested for disorderly conduct… I’m shocked, I would never ever think of Reese as disorderly.  Her mugshot cracks me up, this may be one of my favorite celeb arrests.

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