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J’adore white tees, but I have wayyy too many.  Sometimes (all the freakin time), I get really bored with them.  I want to switch things up, but I don’t want to put a lot of effort into it (sometimes a bitch likes to play outside on the weekend).  That’s where the mullet look comes into place.  By adding a sheer patch of fabric, a plain white tee becomes business in the front… and a party in the back.

Easy DIY

You wanna hit it from behind?… I would too.  But seriously, this DIY is fairly easy and it looks sickening from the back.  Here’s the how-to…

The first step is selecting a fabric that you want to use as your patch.  Since a white tee is a clean slate, you can use any fabric that your little heart desires.  I used an old maxi dress that I hated, this is actually my second DIY involving this dress.

Maxi Dress

I had it in my closet for a few years and I absolutely despise it.  The fit was wrong, the straps were wrong, the length was even wrong…. So, I decided to turn it into a few different DIY + upcycling projects because I actually like the print.  You really only need a strip of fabric, probably no more than five inches wide and seven inches long.

Fabric StripNext, you have to decide what type of shape you want to werq with.  I originally wanted to put a diamond on the back of my shirt, but I thought the angled edges would be tricky to cut and sew… I’m not really a sewer, so I thought an oval would be ideal.  Then I googled printable oval, and printed one that I liked.

Printable Stencil

Tape your shape onto your fabric, all the way around.  This makes it extraordinarily easy to cut out, and the edges are less likely to fray.  Cut your fabric shape out, and remove the “stencil”.

Turn your tee inside out and trace a smaller version of you shape onto the spot where you would like to place your patch.  Cut a small piece out of the middle of that shape, then werq your way to the outer edges and cut out the entire shape.  Place your fabric over top of the hole in your shit, and sew into place.  Your stitches don’t have to be pretty, you can’t see them from the other side.

Sew Patch

Cut the excess fabric off.  It’s okay if your shape isn’t perfect, mine wasn’t.  It’s also okay if you run into problems, I ran into 99 of them and a bitch wasn’t even one.  Most problemos can easily be fixed by improvising.  I cut my hole too big, which caused a fabric bunch up above my shape.  So, I covered that shizz up with a button…

Add A Button

I like my back party better with the button… improvisation rocks.

New Shirt

Who’s bringing sexy back now Justin Timberlake?

If I had bought fabric, I would’ve gone with black lace.  I love werqing with lace, it’s easy to sew.  What do you Frock Stars want me to DIY next?

Put A Frock In It*