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Here’s what I was into this week… And what I wasn’t.

1.  Batiste Dark & Deep Brown, Dry Shampoo

BastisteIt’s about freakin time.  I have pretty (and by pretty I mean gorge) dark hair, and sometimes regular dry shampoo can make me look like I’m werqin a powdered wig.  I know Bumble & Bumble has colored dry shampoo, but that shizz is expensive. I was ecstatic when I saw this at Giant, and I had to buy it.  Batiste dry shampoo’s smell amazing, I hate the scent of other drugstore brands (they tend to be overly fruity), and this actually werqs.  My hair didn’t have one little bit of that nasty chalky overlay in it.  I would say this is a must for anyone with dark hair… and it’s only $8.

2.  Lemon + Rosemary

Lemon and RosemaryI love both lemon and rosemary.  When the two are combined, they create something magical.  I’ve been seeing this wonderous infusion everywhere and here’s a few ways that I like to use this combo:

  • To flavor grilled chicken
  • Use the rosemary to infuse basic olive oil, then dress your salad with the oil + lemon
  • Garnish a lemon drop martini with a sprig of rosemary (or a lemonade if you’re in AA)
  • You can use the two to make your own sugar scrub… lemon is a sickening exfoliant, which can help get rid of a bad self tan.
  • In baking… muffins, pound cakes, cupcakes…

3.  Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow, In Copper Canyon

RevlonI’ve said it before, I don’t like cream shadows… and obviously I’m a liar.  Although they do tend to crease, they’re easy to werq with on weekends.  Cream shadows are perfect if you’re going to be outdoors.  This is def my fave creamy palette.  You can dab the lightest shade in the corners of your eyes and all of a sudden it’s “Oh my, what big eyes you have”.  The gold looks amazing used as a liner, smoked out… you’ll be like a beach goddess.  After you’ve had you fun in the sun and you’re ready to party, you can freshen up everything with one little smudge, and then add the bronze shade to the outer corners of your eyes for an instant smokey effect.

4.  Pantene Styles, Heat Protection Spray

PanteneI never use a heat potectant, and I destroy my hair with heat on a daily basis.  I have nothing against a heat spray, I’m just lazy and don’t want to go through one more step.  I’ve been looking for Pantene’s overnight treatment and I can’t find it anywhere, and while I was looking I came across this.  This spray was on sale for like $2 and it was a nice size.  I generally like Pantene products because they make your hair über soft, at just $2 I had to get it.  I’ve been really pleased with the results all week long.  My hair has smelled better, it’s been way softer, and I feel like it even straightens and curls easier (keep in mind I’m delusional).  I would def get this spray again.  I’ve even been spraying it on my hair for no reason, because it smells good… and I guess it helps reactivate all the product in my hair.

5.  Green Tea Peel Off Masque

Peel Off MasqueJ’adore a peel off masque.  I feel like nothing cleans my face like a peel off.  I usually stick to the cucumber masque, but I got totally crazy this weekend and opted for the green tea one.  I like this masque wayyy better, maybe it’s just the scent though.  I love how tight your skin feels after using, but I hate how they always get stuck in my hair… fail.  If I had time, I would use one of these every day (day and night).

Just Dont of The Week

Just don’t wear enormous sunnies when you know that you’ll be getting sunburnt… take them off and shut your eyes.

Sunglass TanI’m the queen of very serious raccoon eye tans, and this is my first one of the season.  I won’t stop, but I advise everyone else to.  Big sunnies are glamorous, and everyone looks prettier with them on.  However, if you’re going to be laying outside for a few hours and wearing them… this will happen.  I have a huge sunglass tan, and I look like an idiot.  Sunglass tans are really hard to cover up, and I will likely be rocking this look until the end of August.  It’s not a good look, but a really big smokey eye and some dark concealer can help a bitch out.  I apologize for not rocking any makeup in this pic, but I felt as though it was my duty to warn everyone about the dangers of large sunglasses.

What were you Frock Stars into this week?  What did you hate?

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