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Happy Cinco De Mayo Little Frockers!  Here’s what I was into this week… And what I wasn’t.

1.  Vaseline Spray & Go

VaselineThis shizz is amazing.  When you get out of the shower, putting lotion on can totally suck.  Not only is it cold on your skin, but it’s time-consuming.  This spray took less than two minutes to apply to my entire body, and it hydrated my skin just as well as the actual lotion.  The first time I used the spray, I happened to be extremely sunburnt and it was the perfect remedy.  Most def a summertime must have.

2.  Maybelline Color Whisper

Color Whisper

I know, I’m kinda late to these.  I’m more of a dramatic smokey eye and understated lip type of girl, until summer rolls around.  When I know that I’m going to be outdoors and wearing sunglasses, I like to go with a bold lip.  I had heard a lot of good things about Color Whisper, but I had no interest… until now.  I’m in love with this line.  The lipstick is sheer yet pigmented.  It almost feels like you’re just wearing chapstick.  Since the shades are sheer, I think that every color will work on any skin tone.  The color on the right is Rose of Attraction, and the one on the left is Cherry on Top (my fave).

3.  Tresemme Split End Remedy


I’m always looking for products to fix my hair.  I seriously destroy it on a daily basis.  This remedy was on sale for $3, so I had to try it.  After using, my hair felt sooo soft.  This leave in formula is lightweight and non greasy.  I’m not sure if my split ends were cured, but my hair felt amazing after using (and it was shiny).

4.  Maybelline Color Tattoo

Color Tattoo

I had my first Color Tattoo experience about one year ago, and I hated it.  However, I’ve been seeing bright hues splashed across eyelids in virtually every magazine that I pick up… and I wanted to try it.  I saw this vivid orange (that pairs amazingly well with all eye colors), and decided to give it a shot.  I think that I chose the wrong color for my skin tone the first time that I tried Color Tattoo.  These types of shadows are amazing when you’re in a rush, if you’re going to be outside, or if you want to stand out.  I wore this shadow to work last week and it stayed put throughout the whole work day with only mild creasing.  If I can find a yellow, I will definitely be buying it.

5.  Big Jugs 

Nice JugsI got this jug from Target for like $7 and it was one of my best buys… fo sho.  I’ve been making coffee, letting it cool, and pouring it in here to refrigerate.  Now I can have an iced coffee whenever the hell I want… and my ice cubes won’t melt.  This is ideal for warm weather, because hot coffee is not appealing when you’re sweating your ass off.

Just Dont of The Week

Little weeds that have small flowers.

Hidden BeesI hate these stupid weeds that grow in my grass.  I continually walk barefoot in my backyard (typically to try to catch my bad behaved pugs), and I always step on bees.  It really hurts when you step on a bee, and it always makes me cry.  I still haven’t learned my lesson though, because I never wear shoes in my yard.  Hidden bees are the worst.

What were you Frock Stars into this week?  What did you hate?

Put A Frock In It*