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Here’s my take on this weeks current events… in two sent(ence)s.

Charles Ramsey… An American Hero

Charles RamseyI’m a pretty little white girl, and I run into the arms of big black men all the time.  I’m not homeless, so I guess I’ve got problems…

Kim Kouchdashian

Kim CouchdashianKim was clearly using her brain when she came up with this “punk” look.  I actually like the pattern, just not as a gloved unitard.

It’s Miley Bitch


Miley has never looked better, but she could stand to eat a plate of fries.  J’adore her hair, please rock it like this all the time Miley Ray… you look sickening.

Blonde Anne

Anne Hathaway

Girlfriend tries too hard, she looks best when working the Charlotte York look.  I guess I’ve jumped on the Hathahater bandwagon… but I do enjoy “The Princess Diaries” whenever it’s on.

The Best Wedding Ever

Mama June

Now this is one classy bash.  Orange is really working for Sugar Bear, but I’m dying to know if Iris 1 & Iris 2 (shugies Xmas gift) attended.

Backdoor Teen Mom


Sophia will be one proud daughter.  Although I would’ve preferred the name, “Butt Mom…”

What the frock were you guys into this week?

Frock Out*