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Happy Mothers Day Moms.  Here’s what I was into this week… and what I wasn’t.

1.  Baby Oil Body Wash

Baby Oil Body WashI am not capable of sticking to one body wash.  I can’t even get the same one twice in a row.  I also really hate fruity scents, and they’re starting to pop up everywhere for summer.  J’adore the way that baby oil smells, so I was ecstatic when I found this.  Baby body wash has the best lather ever.  This shizz is most def my fave body wash (for now), maybe I’ll end up using it two weeks in a row…

2.  Pantene, Overnight Miracle  

PanteneI had been looking for this everywhere, and I finally spotted it at Target.  I need an overnight treatment because when it comes to hair care, I’m beyond lazy.  I love the way all Pantene products smell… like clean shiny hair.  I used two pumps in my hair after showering, and it was noticeably softer.  When I woke up, my hair felt amazing.  Maybe I won’t be forced to get a deep conditioning treatment the next time I get my hair dyed (fat freaking chance).  This product seriously is an overnight miracle.

3.  Glade, Vibrant Bloom

GladeMy house has been grossly stuffy lately… it’s been raining for an entire week.  Whenever it’s raining I need to have candles lit in every room, and candles can be expensive.  Glade seasonal collections are always on sale 2 for $5, everywhere I go.  This scent actually lasts, it’s strong, and it’s floral.  As I said before, I hate fruity scents.  I’ve been stocking up on these candles and sprays, I’ll be sooo sad when the summer collection comes out and this disappears.

4.  E.L.F. Kabuki Brush

ELF Kabuki Brush

This brush is a lot prettier than some of my expensive makeup brushes, and it was only $6.  I like to use kabuki brushes for blending, and I can never have enough of them.  Sometimes, I’m an aggressive blender and I practically give myself beard burn… with a makeup brush.  This kabuki is insanely soft.  I can brush my face as rough as I want with no consequences.

5.  Maybelline, Rocket Volum’ Express

MaybellineLike body wash, I can’t stick with the same mascara ever.  However, I do keep going back to this one.  It makes my lashes extra long with virtually no clumpage.  I like the brush too, it’s easy to use and doesn’t get on your eyelid.  The waterproofing is also sickening.  I can wear this all day long, and I still have trouble getting it off at the end of the day.  Summertime must have.

My “I Hate” of The Week

I HATE when you have to wait for self tanner to fade away…

Self Tanner Peel OffI’m an idiot.  I usually use self tanner Sunday – Friday, and let it fade out over the weekend.  Until last week, when I did a big no.  I was catching some rays, and I caught myself a sunburn.  I aloe-d up on Saturday and Sunday, and I thought I tricked the peeling process with excessive moisturization.  I have no idea why I thought that, I have the fairest skin in the world.  Anyway, the week was going well until Wednesday… and I started peeling.  Now, I’m stuck in a rut.  I can’t put any more tanner on because I’ll make it worse, but it’s taking forever for the already “tanned” skin to fade/peel.  I’ve exfoliated, lemon juiced, nail polish removered, and even drank my sorrows away.  I guess I’m stuck wearing maxi and midi skirts/dresses until I can reapply.  The worst part of all of this is that I’ll do it again.


I’ve been throwing shade all week, and now it’s your turn.  What did you Frock Stars hate this week?


Rock Out With Your Frock Out*