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Summer sweaters are completely underrated.

DIY Sweater

My office is freezing, and so is every other one that I’ve ever been in… when I forget a sweater, I’m sad.  Everytime I go out to eat (if I don’t eat outside) I’m freezing, and that just makes me eat twice as much.  I always have a sunburn like every other day, and that makes me very cold.  Sometimes, it gets cold at night and sweater just feels good.  You don’t have to rock a chunky cable knit on Memorial Day, it’s easy to manipulate a lightweight sweater and make it werq on a warm summer day.  How?….

Start off with a lightweight sweater.  You can find a ton of inexpensive options at Forever 21.  I found mine on the sale rack at Target for $11.


This sweater is ridiculously dull.  The color is just blah… it’s trés boring, but it’s comfy and light making it perfect for summer.  After choosing your sweater, take up the sleeves.  Ain’t nobody got time for long sleeves when it’s hot.

Transform A Sweater

Carefully cut the sleeve “cuffs” off, and set them aside.  Then measure where you want your sleeve to end, and cut off the excess fabric.  After making the cuts, it’s time to pin and sew… and I’m no sewing profesh, so anyone will be able to do this.

Make Long Sleeves Short

Turn the sweater and the cuffs inside out.  Pin the edges of the sleeve down, and sew the cuff to it (so the seam is on the inside).  Since you can’t see the stitches from the outside, you can be a sloppy sewer.  This took me about 30 minutes to do both sleeves. Once the sleeves have been taken up, it’s time to add lace.  I like adding lace to different pieces because it’s easy to work with, and it really doesn’t fray.  Lace is also airy, making it warm weather perfection.

LaceYour sweater should still be inside out.  Cut a slit upwards starting about an inch from the left side of the side seam, cut until you reach the sleeve.  Now go to the right side of the seam, do the same thing and cut across so the slits meet up.  Pin the fabric back until the you like the size of this cut, the lace is going to fill it in.  Since I’m nasty as hell with a fabric glue gun (and they’re like $2 at JoAnn’s), that’s what I decided to use.  Gently glue the lace to the part of the fabric that’s pinned back, all the way around.  When the glue dries (2 minutes later) cut off the excess fabric.  Repeat this process to the other side.  When you’re finished, the end result should look something like this…

Summer SweaterI would totes buy this sweater if I saw it somewhere.  It also looks sickening tucked into a pencil skirt, or untucked with white skinnies.  J’adore a summer sweater.

What type of summer frocks do you think are underrated?

Frock Off*